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I9 Form Help

by shelby8071 » 30 May 2015, 22:28


I have to fill in the Form-I9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) for my camp and I am confused on a few parts:

1) For address do I put my camp address? I like in the UK and it says international addresses may only be used for border commuters from Canada or Mexico.

2) How would I fill in the section "An alien authorized to work until..." (I put the date my employment ended on there. But then how do I get my USCIS number or I-94 admission number. I think from reading online you get the I-94 form when you actually fly, but want to be 100% sure because once I'm out there I'll be in a pickle.

I am also confused by the W9 form but I saw people say their camp helps them fill it it? So many forms to fill in haha, I've spent an entire day sorting and filling out forms/documents :lol:
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