Proof of employment to take to Visa interview?!?

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Proof of employment to take to Visa interview?!?

by laura3788 » 09 Mar 2015, 12:52

What is proof of student or employment status? Is this to show that I am employed when I come back from camp or is this to show that I have been employed by a camp when I go out to camp?
I haven't received any such emails etc, what do I use? my visa appointment is in 3 days :shock:
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Re: Proof of employment to take to Visa interview?!?

by emily8869 » 09 Mar 2015, 13:13

Proof of employment or student is to show the embassy you have something to come back to in the UK after working in the states.. Basically so you don't just do a runner in the US! So if you have a job to return to or are carrying on studying ask them to print off a letter just saying you will be returning to the UK to work or study after your travels etc! If you have neither of these then try have something that shows you've got ties in the UK to return to like credit card statements or if you have your own house/flat or anything like that! If you're completely unsure then just phone CA & they will help you :D
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