I9 & W4 forms

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I9 & W4 forms

by nicky5505 » 18 Jan 2015, 18:13

This isn't exactly about the CA Application itself, but it's the only place that was suitable to post this...

After I was placed at camp, my camp sent me through a number of different forms that need to be filled in. All are pretty self-explanatory apart from the I-9 and W-4 forms.

The W-4 form asks for things about allowances, and a Social Security Number. I don't have a Social Security Number, and from the research I've done online, you could only be provided with an SSN once you arrive in the US, but my camp has stated they want these forms back for the day before I begin work. The I-9 form also goes into detail about Alien Registration numbers etc... and I don't think I can fill that specific form out until I've received my visa back anyway.

But for any camp returners, or for anyone who has done camp before, do you have any advise on how you had to fill these forms out? I'll speak to my camp director, if not.
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Re: I9 & W4 forms

by katherine1816 » 18 Jan 2015, 21:52

The first time I went to camp, they sent me some forms that I couldn't fill in, possibly the same ones as you have! I talked to the director and they had just automatically sent the same forms to everyone, american or international

After we got to the US they helped us to fill in the rest and got us a social security number

I think it would be best to check with your director what they want you to do :)
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