Mobile Phones

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Mobile Phones

by megan4445 » 02 Jun 2015, 14:56


What are people doing about their mobile phones?
I don't know whether to use the sim provided by camp america or just get a sim only contract on 3?
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Re: Mobile Phones

by charlotte1608 » 02 Jun 2015, 15:13


I have looked into all of th SIM cards and the CA one we were given works out much cheaper per call and text etc. The CA one is 9 cents a min for a call and its 14p Permian for 3.

Also, in the fine print of the 3 PAYG, it says you are only allowed 1 month worth of all you can eat data otherwise you are at risk of them cancelling the contract with them. I've gone for the SIM card from CA without the data as I know I'll be able to connect to Wifi easily.

Best thing to do is weigh up what you need v what you don't

Hope this helps :)
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Re: Mobile Phones

by emily8869 » 03 Jun 2015, 14:44

Last year i put my phone on airplane mode all summer & just used wifi for whatsapp, iMessage, FaceTime etc.. America literally has wifi everywhere!

But completely up to you :D
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Re: Mobile Phones

by laura9736 » 04 Jun 2015, 20:09


Last year I went to T-Mobile store in America and got unlimited data for $30

Works out cheaper over there if you want it just for data! :)
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Re: Mobile Phones

by heidi5573 » 04 Jun 2015, 20:59

does anyone know if you can get another sim card off CA i lost mine :(
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Re: Mobile Phones

by emma9059 » 08 Jun 2015, 00:49

Iv decided to go pay as you go with three. I was all set for the CA sim but then I seen that each top up only lasts for 30 days :cry:
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Re: Mobile Phones

by vanessa2232 » 08 Jun 2015, 18:49

I bought a sim from Three. They have that thing now where you can spend your mins and data as if you are still in the UK- therefore no roaming charges.

I got the sim on a monthly contract for £20 - all you can eat data, 200 etc...
I think this will be the cheaper option for me especially considering where I'm going is in the middle of nowhere, with no wifi.
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