Too late to be placed?

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Too late to be placed?

by charlotte3805 » 25 May 2015, 09:35

Hi everyone,

I've been ready to place since the beginning of this year but still haven't heard anything from camps and I'm worrying that it's far too late now as people I know have already started flying out. I was just wondering if I've not heard by now does that definitely mean I haven't be placed? I also haven't been offered the RSG option. Or any suggestions of things I could do in the mean time to increase my chances?

Thanks for you help :D :D
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Re: Too late to be placed?

by aleksandra1087 » 25 May 2015, 12:32

I am from Poland so we dont get the RSG option at all but last year I was placed around 30th of May so I would say there is still time however as I have seen on the forum some people that havent been on RSG Were already told that they are not gonna be placed anymore so If u havent heard from anybody yet I would say it means that you still have some chances
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Re: Too late to be placed?

by aimee8025 » 25 May 2015, 13:26

Hey guys!

I still haven't been placed either, I understand that I did apply pretty late however I was wondering if there is anything I could do personally to help speed this up.

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Re: Too late to be placed?

by brittany1639 » 25 May 2015, 22:43

I was wondering the same thing :( im also not placed and I'm just dying to know now.
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Re: Too late to be placed?

by matthew3512 » 26 May 2015, 01:10

I got placed from RSG on Saturday so there's still hope!
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Re: Too late to be placed?

by aimee8025 » 26 May 2015, 01:33

I haven't been told about the RSG, do you need to meet some sort of requirements for this?

I am ready to be placed however just haven't heard about this?
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