Changing your availability date works

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Changing your availability date works

by ryan2763 » 23 May 2012, 17:37

Hey guys,

I've been waiting for placement since February, I soon ended up going on the RSG scheme but still had a long wait. I was supposed to go on holiday to France until 11th June, so I set my availability for then. After some time, I got anxious that I wouldn't get placed by end of June (you know the feeling).

I decided not to go to France and I changed my availability date to 22nd May 2012 (I changed this yesterday). Today I just got a call from Camp Emerson saying they want me on-site on 12th June! Within 24 hours, I got a placement upon changing my availability date, and better still it fit well within my original availability date anyway.

I know a couple of you have exams & it can't be helped, but if you can then change your availability to ASAP, do it as it really works. If you can't, then camps are still looking so don't give up hope till the last day. :)

Good luck everyone! :D
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