Visa Forms yadda yadda

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Visa Forms yadda yadda

by Charlotte4685 » 10 Jun 2007, 18:46

I have my visa appointment for this Wednesday 13th June which is a J-day. However, i've as yet still not received my 'visa mailing' from CA (going to ring up first thing tomorrow and check there isn't a problem with anything). So i've been reading through all my e-mails regarding the embassy interview and all the paperwork required (a list as long as my arm) and a few forms are included in the visa pack as far as im aware whereas a few others have to be downloaded/printed i.e. DS 156 & DS 158. From the way in which the e-mail is composed it suggests that i have already filled in the DS 156 (with a bar code ???) but to my knowledge i have not done this. I have just googled and found the two forms (DS 156 , DS 158) so they are ready to be printed BUT just wanted to check that the barcode on the DS 156 that i've located is a universal one and i'm not expected to have done the DS 156 already and have a personal barcode which has already gone through any sort of system am i?

I'm on RSG and currently still unplaced ... my provisional flight date is June 23rd and my entire application has been last minute and a touch on the confusing side unfortunately. Hence me probably asking very stupid, dim-witted questions but i don't want to arrive at the embassy on wednesday ( which is coincidently my birthday) and be told to p*** off cos i've screwed the whole thing up.

Any help much appreciated,

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by Rebecca3541 » 10 Jun 2007, 21:21

You fill in your DS156 online, click continue and print the result. That should be 3 pages, and gives you a scrambled barcode, which you'll need. You can fill out the DS158 online as well and then print it. As you're going to a Jday, the CA ppl might have your DS2019 and other forms you'd get sent in your visa mailing there for you. Suggest you mail CA and ask.
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by Anna2605 » 10 Jun 2007, 22:09

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