what they ask you at visa interview?

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what they ask you at visa interview?

by Jo6826 » 30 May 2007, 22:38

hey im got my visa interview this wednesday and was wondering what kind of questions they ask you?
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by Anna2605 » 30 May 2007, 23:43

It depends - in the past I was only asked if i was doing CA and what camp i was going to. This year they quizzed me cos I am currently unemployed and will be when I come home, and cos i care for my mother what she would do (i think). It isn't worth stressing over.
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by Jo6826 » 31 May 2007, 00:18

im just confused what im meant to say when they ask what camp you going to (as i dont have one at the moment) and what date i will be returning (dont know that either as i dont have a camp). has anyone else been in the same position?
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by Samantha5618 » 31 May 2007, 00:21

yah i was my first year, but i was never asked what camp i was goign to just what type of job i applied for
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by Frances5378 » 01 Jun 2007, 10:00

I don't have a camp either and the questions i got asked at my Visa interview were

1. Have you ever been arrested?
2. Have you ever been to America?
3. What do you plan to do when you return to England?
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by Melissa9980 » 01 Jun 2007, 10:25

i was asked
"what do you know about massachusetts?"
my response
"not a lot but i hope to learn"
he said that was a good answer and then asked me because is said i knew a little about massachusetts what did i know
i just said what state its by and that my camp is 15-20 miles from boston.
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by Oliver4331 » 01 Jun 2007, 18:37

"What is your job in the camp?"
"What kind of camp is it?"
"Why do you want to work there?"
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by Andrew3814 » 01 Jun 2007, 21:03

Yeah, if anyone else is still worrying about it; don't. I don't think it matters too much about how clued up you are because the guy who did mine was joking with me and after asking where abouts my camp actually is, he then asked me what I knew about the place...to which I said, 'not too much but I know there's a lot of ticks!'
You can't get much more of a daft answer than that! =P
Then we had a small chat about the wildlife over there and it was all over in about 1 or 2 mins! Visa granted =)
(cheers to all the camp america staff there, you guys were a big help)
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by Sarah1861 » 01 Jun 2007, 22:47

i didn't know what camp i was going to when i got my visa, so don't worry about it, i got asked - 'how long do you intend to stay in america for', i said four months, he said thank you your visa has been accepted!
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by Rebecca1812 » 02 Jun 2007, 08:37

my interview consisted of i like your hair colour it suits jure complexion and that top suits you. then i got asked where Chichester was too which i replied south coast and she asked me i worked with kids.
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by Amy3366 » 02 Jun 2007, 10:55

yeah mine was pretty much.....

Interviewer: Why do you want to go to the U.S?

me: I'm hoping to work as a general camp counsellor over the summer...

Interviewer: what do you mean 'hoping' to?

me: well I'm on ready steady go and don't have a placement yet :(

Interviewer: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok your granted!

Think he geniunely felt really sorry for me!
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by Nicola7819 » 02 Jun 2007, 12:28

I was asked 'are u related to Paris Hilton?'
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by Nicola7819 » 02 Jun 2007, 12:29

and no i dont look like her just have the same surname, which isnt even spelt the same, so i really wouldnt worry about interviews lol
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by Sandra3324 » 02 Jun 2007, 12:42

I got asked:

1. Why do you want to go to camp?

2. Do you think it'll help in your career (or something)?
-Weiiird question yes, but I'm studying medicine and want to specialise in paediatrics, so luckily I was able to answer that question fine. =)

Don't worry, my interviewer at least was reallllly nice and friendly. He finished it off with a big smile and a 'have an awesome trip!'
Just don't be nervous and there's nothing to worry about.
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by David8590 » 02 Jun 2007, 15:54

They asked me where I am going in America, and why I want to do CA. It was a complete waste of time if you ask me, but if that's what the Americans want us to do...

Honestly though, so long as you aren't a mass murderer or whatever there isn't really anything to worry about.
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