proof of student status?

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proof of student status?

by Jo6826 » 24 May 2007, 01:46

hey peeps
on email received from camp america said that needed to take proof of student status to embassy, what does this involve?
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by Victoria5666 » 24 May 2007, 10:26

anything from your school/uni on headed paper saying you are a student will do. I got my tutor to do me a quick not this year. Last year i took my uni acceptance letter to start my course.
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by Jack4209 » 24 May 2007, 11:35

I took several acceptance letters from universities, although I was never asked to show them whilst at the embassy.
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by Victoria5666 » 24 May 2007, 11:40

Very true. To be honest they are never really interested in any of that stuff. Just usually ends up as a friendly chat like...'so you[re goign back for another summer, you must enjoy it'! Nothing scarey :-) They have often asked what job i'll be doing but i think more just becasue they are interested.
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by Kia8555 » 06 Jun 2007, 18:26

I didn't show anything that had something to do with school..
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by Rebecca3541 » 06 Jun 2007, 19:12

They didn't even look at my supporting documentation...
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