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by Chloe8420 » 19 Mar 2009, 03:43

Say hypothetically I don't get taken on by a camp earlier on and do the Ready Steady Go program and then get picked by a camp last minute,

Do Camp America take into consideration that us Australians have to book our own flights? And that we would have to possibly find a flight within a few days notice?

That's what I'm worried about. About getting picked really last minute and having to get a flight sorted out straight away..

And also, needing to give my work 2 weeks notice before I can quit.
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by Kathryn7014 » 19 Mar 2009, 11:09

Chloe, you're posting in 2008!

I think with Aus applicants they give you an earlier cut off date to go on RSG because of this. Or, they give you a date to fly to NYC and place you once you're in the US.

But, I'm not answering anymore questions till you post this in 2009!
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