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by Darren3782 » 26 May 2007, 00:29


I just booked an appointment with my university doctor, turned up and handed him the form. He filled it out in about 5 minutes without charging me a penny, then I was done.
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by Andrew1760 » 29 May 2007, 16:36

My mum just took my form to the doctors and they told her I needed a medical and she paid the £120 for it. So I'm going to go up tomorrow and request the money and the form back and cancel it. That's ridiculous.
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by Daniel2289 » 03 Jun 2008, 21:49

I took my medical forms (The camp america one and the camp specific one) to the doctors 2 weeks ago, when i went back to collect them today they had lost them.
Does anyone know how i can get another medical form?

They did say though that they would probably do them free of charge because apparently its a voluntry thing. not quite sure what he meant but i wasn't complaining!
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by Victoria5666 » 03 Jun 2008, 23:55

You can print them off CAD.
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Re: Medical Form

by jordan6438 » 05 Jun 2013, 19:08

Yeah I gotta pay £85. My doctor checked my height weight (two things anyone could have done themselves) and my blood pressure. Then he said the secretary will sort out my medical form then I found out all my details have been wiped off the database!

Is there anywhere else you can get it done?

Jordan Lee
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