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Travel after camp

PostPosted: 15 Nov 2011, 15:07
by emma6873
Hi All,
I'm after a little advice with visas and travelling after camp.
I'm hoping to travel around the states for a while after camp (If I hopefully get placed!!) but I was wondering about timings with regard to Visas. I've seen in quite a few places that the J1 visa gives you 30 days after you have finished at camp. I want to still be in the states up until mid October which will probably be more than 30 days...can I do this?! I wondered if you can just revert to an ESTA type visa after the J1 runs out without leaving the country?
Thanks all for any help you have on this!

Re: Travel after camp

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2011, 16:51
by zoe1802
Dont quote me on this but I think I read somewhere that you have to wait at least a month or something to return? Because the Embassy in America is so strict they dont like people being there for too long unless they have the neccesary visa's etc so I think this means after the 30days you have to leave the country and wait to return! If you find you find out any different let me know though cus i'd love to stay longer and get travelling!