Camp Timber Trails- Mass

Have you been placed? Here's your chance to meet people going to the same camp!

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by Victoria9489 » 17 Jun 2010, 11:08

This all sounds amazing!
Catriona all the info is a big help thanx.
Emily im thinking of getting a fix flight on the 30th August to cus have to be home for sept to sort starting uni, also im hopefully crashing wiv a friend in New York maybe Boston too after camp, if not cheap hotels so if u wanna travel together after camp that would be cool, travel wiv others would be a huge help 2 u know what date placement ends i think i have 15th August??
LA sounds great but think im gonna have to keep it East Coast this year.
Catriona last question about the camp is it big? lol and is there a lot of walking involved the reason i ask i have a disability (Spina Biffida) so cant walk very far but not gonna travel with my wheelchair.
I am on the camp America facebook group but it wont search for both of u?! so if u could find me that would be great, easier to chat n get to know u better on there..look forward 2 seeing you both at camp and Emily there are loads of us getting that flight we are all meeting a virgin check in area, if u would like my mobile number just let me know my e-mail is [email protected]
See You soon
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by Emily2725 » 17 Jun 2010, 22:39

Yeah the placement ends on the 15th. Have added you as a friend on facebook. Yeah travelling together would be great, i really want to go to LA though so maybe i could meet up with you in nyc, im sure we'll work something out nearer the time :)
Is everyone meeting at the check in desk?
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by Catriona4322 » 17 Jun 2010, 23:15

yep, camp is big, there is a bit of walking depending on what acitivity you are coming from and going to. But you will be grand. So wish i was u lot flying out really soon.
You all set?
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by Emily2725 » 18 Jun 2010, 09:29

Yeh pretty much packed. Getting the train to London 2moro morning, so excietd now!!!
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by Emily2725 » 18 Jun 2010, 09:55

Oh just one more question lol. I have unlocked my phone, is there anywhere I can buy a prepaid sim card when I get there? also just wondered if this was the best option or if there were any alternatives?
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by Georgia5370 » 18 Jun 2010, 23:02

Just heard I've been placed at Timber Trails ! am flying on wednesday ... anyone else?
add me on facebook .. Georgia honor meguer
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joining u soon!

by Chloe2236 » 05 Jul 2010, 11:22

Hi girls. I got placed on saturday and will be joining u along with 4 other girls on weds... fly at 10.35am from london so not quite sure what time tht will get me to camp but it sounds amazing and cant wait :) hope ur having fun x
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by Leanne1851 » 05 Jul 2010, 14:21

Hiya ive been placed there 2, gt placed on fri :) someone just rang me frm camp america and told me 2 look 4 u writting on here and gave me ur mob number. Im really excited :):):):) im guessing i`ll c u at the airport weds. But thought it would be good to speak on here b4.

Any ideas what ur doing at camp? Hws packing going? Have u got a kitlist? Planning on travelling afterwards? x
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