Easter Seals Camp - Timber Pointe Outdoor Center, Illinois

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Easter Seals Camp - Timber Pointe Outdoor Center, Illinois

by Thomas1307 » 07 Apr 2008, 15:19

Is anyone on here going to this camp?

The Camp Director Mark hired about a dozen people at the Camp Director's fair in London. I'm Tom Colley and I'm going to be the Aquatics Director (a fancy name for the head lifeguard). I just want to know if I can find anyone that's going to TPOC. This will be my 4th year there and its brilliant! If you're going out there let me know and if you have any questions about it I can answer them. My email address is: [email protected], get in touch!

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by Natalie7000 » 30 Apr 2009, 17:44

Hey Mark

I was placed yesterday as a Counselor at Timber Pointe. I took the WSI course a couple of weeks ago and passed so always assumed I'd be doing something on Water Front. I'm in 2 minds about taking the position because I'd never expected to be placed as a Counselor and don't know if this role is really right for me.
Can you share anything that might coax me into coming? This is probably the only chance I'll have to do Camp America as I'm doing a hardcore Law and German Degree at Notts and am currently on a gap year for it so I don't want to commit to this role unless I know I'll no less than love it.

Cheers in Advance

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by Sarah0830 » 01 May 2009, 14:07

hey natalie, this is the 2008 forum so he might not be able to see this, but there is a topic in the 2009 forum:

theres a couple of people on that, see if they can help you out a bit!!
hope this helps!

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