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by Laura0322 » 15 May 2008, 22:33

i sound like a preacher now.

thats what the word was so i don't know why it was band-(unless silly me i spelt it wrong and it was bad word).
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by Melisa8641 » 15 May 2008, 23:20

itz fyynn babe lol nahhh itz jookez mayb we cud travel 2getha afta camp or sumthin lolzz n were goin 2 de same camp lolll so kinda makez sense lollz but woteva gurrliie we'll c at camp :D x
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by Andrew9151 » 20 May 2008, 17:31

Liam1436 wrote:ye im planning on going to calafornia to but fly out on 13th june the camp im on is hayden marks i think. the idea about meeting up with people on the days off is good. :lol:

Alright liam,, im well up for goign to california after too, if we meet at camp n u still wana go ill deifntly go with u if u want :) ... also ye i wana see as much of america on my days off too, i wana get out of camp , maybe trip to nyc , or the state of conteitcut is close, it mener be quiet cool ,, u sure ur flying on the 13th not the 15th??
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by Deanna0738 » 26 May 2008, 23:02

Okay so is anyone in here heading to CAMP TOMMY???? lolz i think im the only person from CA heading there ekkkkkkk its the teenage boys camp for fresh air funds. Im from NZ get into LA on the 18thjune have 8hrs lap over then into newark on the 19th for the ramada and camp on the 20th.

I have heard that the ramada is about a 21/2 hour bus ride from port authority? does anyone know??? however my bus collecting me for camp from PO doesnt leave til 3pm.
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Heyy again

by Andrew9151 » 29 May 2008, 18:21

so many messeges in here now.. i was just wondering whos'e flight to New york is on the 15th of June ??? and what their check in times are.. mine is 1:00pm ...... thanks aj
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by Stephen9566 » 07 Apr 2009, 16:24

Hello! I'm going to Hidden Valley and am flying out on 19th - flight VS1 - lookin forward to meeting you all!
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Re: hi!

by Elizabeth9474 » 13 Apr 2009, 17:44

hey mandy

im doing fresh air fund too and flying from glasgow! what time is your flight cos it looks like mine is like 5am in the morning grr xx
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Re: fresh air

by Elizabeth9474 » 13 Apr 2009, 17:47

hey hey,

im going to camp hidden valley too but my flight is at 5am in the morning soooo early lol! but we will def have to meet up when you get there and us hidden valley-ers stick together cos im sooo bad at directions lol

lizzie xx
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Re: hiya

by Elizabeth9474 » 13 Apr 2009, 17:50

hey guys this may sound dumb but have you all got t-shirts cos i havent got one yet!! argh - also on the fresh air fund form how did you find your medical insurance policy number??

lizzie xx
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Re: hiya

by Elizabeth9474 » 13 Apr 2009, 18:06

hey is anyone flying on the 10.00 flight from heathrow??

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by Vanessa2687 » 15 Apr 2009, 09:46

Hi Guys,
I know im like 10 years late lol Im going camp ABC flying out from LHR 15th june at 15:45 anyone on my flight????
Anyone traveling afterward????
whats everyone doing doing at camp???, im teaching drama
everyone excited??
so many questions i know...the funny thing is all this time Ive been on Camp mariah forum, and didn't even realize my camp is ABC lol

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by Elizabeth9474 » 15 Apr 2009, 10:57

hey vanessa - im at hidden valley but i think there all quite close together!

yeah i really wanna travel afterwards but i have no idea where to go lol!!

im not on your flight i go at 10.00 on 19th june!

lizzie x
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by Vanessa2687 » 15 Apr 2009, 23:11

Hey Elizabeth,
thank for the reply, how come your coming out so late??? what will you be doing???
Do you know if all the Fresh Air Fund camps are together?? maybe we cann all meet up on days of go into NY city..
i really wanna go Vegas love to see what its like
have you OR ANYONE else booked their return flight??? does everyone know when their going home, i was thinking of booking DIY ticket

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by Elizabeth9474 » 16 Apr 2009, 01:15

hey im gonna do the DIY option so that if we stay out to travel i can come back when i run outta money lol!!

im not sure how close they are together my ones in fishkill is yours? i think someone said about there being a counsellors lodge in the middle of them but i could have got it wrong!

the counsellors fly out later than the teachers i think - im soooo on my own on my flight!

are you gonna get your DIY flight from new york??

Lizzie - oh and do you have facebook??? xxx
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by Vanessa2687 » 16 Apr 2009, 21:41

Hey love,
Good, yep im gonna get a DIY ticket from NY then, its a better option, when you run out of money you can just go home lol

yea my camps in the Fishkill place too, so prob all the fresh air funds are practically near..., so we need to check when our days off are, so we can all meet up, go in town or even New york city.

there must be someone else on your flight, as were getting closer im getting even more excited, gosh really i just wanna quit my job lol

yep of course im on facebook, add me nessa Young-martins

speak soon

ness x
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