Camp Ladore (Pennsylvania)

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by Ross4781 » 04 Jun 2008, 01:30

this is for all you guys that have worked there before (or still do). will we get a chance to go shopping for stuff soon after we arrive? i'm just wondering about how much stuff (clothes, "camping gear" etc.) i need to bring with me, and how much stuff i'll just be able to get there after i arrive.

also, i'm guessing waymart isn't a big place. what kinda range of shops are there there, or do we travel to somewhere different to do shopping?
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Camp Ladore (Pennsylvania)

by hannah2467 » 19 Feb 2014, 00:04

hi everyone,
I've just been placed at Camp Ladore and was wondering what it's like? area? how strong religion is there? like is it forced upon you? atomosphere? cabins? everything? would love to hear from someone that has been there :)
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