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by Kayla2387 » 09 May 2008, 10:53

Hey guys, wow not long to go!!
Im kayla from heart by the way!!

Just a wee note to any kiwis here:

Anyone leaving from NEW ZEALAND (auckland) to LA on MAY 21ST AT 9.30pm??????

If any1 is, we shld organise sumwher 2 meet b4 we check in, so we can be seated together! if this is u, txt me b4 the 20th may on 027 3288873 and we can orgainse a place k!! or meet by like the AirNz checkin area??

Hope ur all as xcited as me :)

Kay xx
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by Alexander8098 » 11 May 2008, 18:25

same for us Brits (note the spelling, not poms), anyone leaving on the 22nd form heathrow, think check in time is 12.20, worth going early do you recon (just in case of last minute visa issues etc?)
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by Hazel4403 » 12 May 2008, 08:34

Yer def gettin there early, dnt want to start it off with me sprinting round the airport lol What times ppl gettin there?
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by Daniel0168 » 12 May 2008, 11:59

a few of us are flyin from glasgow to heathrow and check in at the same time as you lot at heathrow for the long haul flight so we will probs meet u there aswell :D
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by Adam4424 » 12 May 2008, 17:18

hey! People that are flying from heathrow on 22nd, we should meet outside the united airlines ticket office. As you walk into terminal 3 its on the right side of the building. Meet there at 11.50-12 ish? give us enough time to have a chin wag or watever? wear those rele cool blue camp america t-shirts so we all know who we are!!! my mob is 07856062252. not long now!!!!!!!
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by Hazel4403 » 12 May 2008, 17:35

How u no hu we flying with?
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by Alexander8098 » 12 May 2008, 17:55

sounds like a plan batman. cant wait for the first few akward moments, will be like freshers week all over again
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by Siobhan6106 » 12 May 2008, 20:54

Hey, those who are flying from Glasgow, you wanna meet somewhere??? I'll have my blue tshirt on anyway!
We should be booked in all the way thru from glasgow as its all UA flights even tho it will be a British Midlands flight down to london. Dont take me on it but thats how it should be.

Shiv x
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by Jonathon2324 » 12 May 2008, 21:33

I am semi jealous of this big UK meet up. The only kiwi I know of leaving on the same day as me is big Ed. The creator/godfather of this little forum topic. I'll see you on the plane Ed.
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by Noel3863 » 12 May 2008, 21:40

dam it i still havent heard anyone goin from uk on the 24th looks like i'll be lonely while traveling. i got totally roasted 2day and it was only 20 degrees here lol im gona get crispy in texas hahaha
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ozzie ozzie ozzie

by Harry6454 » 13 May 2008, 07:12

G'day. Harrison from Sydney Aus. grew up on the Blue Mountains and as such am organising all the horse activities from my understanding, not too clear on the job exactly, wait and see eh. fly out on 19th may, stop over for few hours in auckland, then LA then texas, then day after camp finishes, fly to Carolina for a transfer to london, where i will be re-locating. to work with the british army as an attachment from the aussie army, anyone want a room mate near london??
6 days to go, cheering,
C u all then.
dont forget your accubras...
for the poms...wear lots of sunscreen
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by Matthew9485 » 13 May 2008, 10:20

Adam's idea of a big meet up before checking in at Heathrow sounds like a brilliant idea! i still haven't booked my return flight yet and was wondering what other people were thinking of doing post-camp? i know what date i've gotta come home and it means i'm probs guna have about 10 days travelling but don't know whether to get a DIY return flight or get my free one from New York. The problem is that internal flights from say california to new york are really not cheap so might work out more expensive than just getting a DIY flight. anyone got any ideas?! sorry for the essay!
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by Jonathon2324 » 13 May 2008, 22:30

Not many of you seem to be planning big holidays in the US after camp. I'm mucking around in the states for around 2 and a half months after stewie. Is anyone else doing the same?

Welcome Harry! Isn't it strange how we have had 17 pages and around 4 months of quality, good natured, friendly and informative forum usage then the first post by an aussie bloke lays down some banter. Haha, I wouldn't expect any less from my convict derived tasman neighbour.
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by Alexander8098 » 14 May 2008, 00:50

at least he leaves the sheep alone. just got an email saying please confirm your flights back, i need to be back for the 19thish of september for ui, other than that im flexabke. go for the diy, worst case pay an extra £20 for an extra 3 days of miami beach or san fransisco.
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by Gordon2235 » 14 May 2008, 11:04

alright peep

probably my last post.

I am flying out tomorrow!! 6am! Gonna get there and get everything set up for you guys arriving.

whatever your planning to pack, half it, you wont need it.
whatever money your bringing, double it
say good bye to chronic internet usage for 3 months and get ready for slow dial-up once a week.
bring teabags if you like tea
and believe it or not dont forget a light rain jacket
say goodbye to your independance and hello to communal living
make friends with the bugs and insects on your arrival, dont wait for them to greet you first
exercise your vocal chords and get ready for a brainwash of camp songs
leave any foul language at the front door and get ready to pick up alternatives - 'fish', 'shuckydurn'...
get ready for your live to be changed, your eyes to be opened and the passion of camp life to grab you, this is going to be an amazing summer. be open, be enthusiastic, be prepared and just be yourself.

See you soon

7th Summer returner- maybe
Camp Director
CA Interviewer
Camp recruiter
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