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by Samantha6787 » 13 Jan 2008, 23:43

hey ok, i can't fiond either of u on the pali it just a 'group' that u found on there? Add me my last name's profile pic is me dressed as tinkerbell with a guy in an army uniform.
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by Kieron3692 » 13 Jan 2008, 23:57

Don't worry u have been added, lol, i ant joined tht group yet, didn't feel right until i had actually been there, lol, but it looks cool dunt it fom those pics, did they tell u wht u were doin thn :?: :?:
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by Catherine0439 » 14 Jan 2008, 10:39

cool, i'll have a nosey! yeah im on facebook, last name's Reed and my profile pic is now of me and my best mate (im the one sticking my tongue out) i have managed to skillfully avoid getting sucked into MySpace....

sounds like u had a good wkend samantha!where abouts in australia u from then?
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by Samantha6787 » 15 Jan 2008, 23:06

Thanks for the facebook adds guys.
I live in Brisbane in Queensland in Australia.

I sent the camp an email, they said, they are leaning towards putting me in the specials acting/film yer I dont think they know what they're doing with us.
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by Stuart7286 » 30 Jan 2008, 21:59

Hey guys! Thought I'd get involved here too! I'm off to Pali in June, working at Rockstar! Are any of the UK guys planning on meeting up before we go out there do you know?

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by Catherine0439 » 30 Jan 2008, 23:16

hi stuart! rock star looks well good, what instrument do u play? i'm doing Idol Camp, it's slightly seperate to pali apparently (something to do with American Idol)but we train together and get time off together so i daresay i'll see u around! when a where u flyin from?
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by Samantha6787 » 30 Jan 2008, 23:35

Hey Stu, thought i'd say hi, I actually got over using this forum lol, facebook is abit easier cause i'm already on it, have u got facebook and are u part of the pali staff 08 group?Oh and I'm doing acting at camp and from australia, but will c ya there are u due there on the 6th?
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by Stuart7286 » 02 Feb 2008, 12:58

Hey guys! yeh I'm on facebook, it's a lot easier than on here, I'm on the Pali staff so I'll add you both as friends if I haven't already. I'm a guitarist and play a bit of drums too. My flight is from London to LA on 4th June, that's all I know so far. Are you on the same flight Catherine?
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by Catherine0439 » 02 Feb 2008, 13:48

hey stu! yeah my flights on the 4th,as is keiron who is doing film at pali! glad im not on me own! where abouts in the uk do u live? cos im in liverpool but gotta come down to london for me visa interview so might meet up with keiron then (he's at uni in londond)-would be cool if u had urs a the same time!
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by Stuart7286 » 03 Feb 2008, 13:38

I've got all my visa forms through, I just need to wait until I can pay the £80 fee on the Camp America site to book my embassy interview. It would be cool to all meet up in London if we're all there on the same day. Have you got any travel plans for after camp? I was looking at the Visa info and it says the J-1 visa is a 4 month visa but you also get a 30 day grace period for travel at the end of that 4 months, but then I haven't heard anything about return flights yet, so I wasn't sure if CA would book us a flight out of the US at the end of our 4 months? Have you got any ideas?
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by Catherine0439 » 03 Feb 2008, 23:11

yeah, i'm at that stage too.i'll let u know when ive got me interview date, and we can all arrange somethin? return flighs wise, the free flight is from new york, but u can change it to a different airport at a small cost. i wanna go to new york when im over there anyway, so i think i'll prob work me way across the states after camp,can't wait! u had any thoghts towards travel plans yet? i got a brochure from Trek America, gave me some good ideas!
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by Stuart7286 » 04 Feb 2008, 20:18

Yeh, I wanna see NY too and was planning to do a smiliar thing. I'm definately gonna head up to Sand Francisco after camp and would like to see lake tahoe if I can. But definately wanna get to New York!
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by Hayley1529 » 08 May 2008, 09:44

i finally found people goin to the same camp as me woo hoo!!!
i leave in the 6th of june from heathrow.

im sooo excited.
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by Charlie2786 » 04 Jun 2009, 12:53

Hey guys, I've just found out that I am going to Camp Pali. I leave on Saturday so it has been quite short notice.
Hayley, What time is ur flight because I've not been told yet and I assume we'll be on the same flight.
My name's Charlie Cornwell if you want to add me on facebook. It's me n 3 mates in my profile pic
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by Thomas7196 » 04 Jun 2009, 15:22

These guys are from the 2008 camp....have a look in the Camp section on 2009.
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