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by Jack2113 » 07 Feb 2008, 12:50

Added you Tom.

Vincent, when you search my name I come up inside a glowing blue box if that makes any sense.

Invite me to the facebook group when it starts Tom, nice one!
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by Katie9835 » 29 Feb 2008, 13:55

hey guys, im going to skylake too!!!

are you guys getting the flight on the 15th from heathrow???
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by Rachel5393 » 01 Mar 2008, 19:26

I'm so jealous of you all! Skylake looks ace, I really want to go to Yosemite, I think I'm gonna travel there after. I emailed them to be on their camp but I read on the website that the staff had to have been through university?!
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by Jack2113 » 03 Mar 2008, 12:56

Give it a try anyway...
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new staff

by Ilona9491 » 23 May 2008, 18:33

Hi guys, im Ilona, from Poland. It will be my third time in USA. I will work in the kitchen, but i like this job at american camps. Its something different than only work in the office with a lot of paper work. I almost finish my study....very soon (i hope in june) i will have masters degree - as Human Reources Specialist. Now I work for japaneese company (Recruitment and Selection Specialist) but i wait for excellent summer - third time in USA- I hope California State will be the best place which i could see until this time. I visited Washington State-west coast ( ex. Seattle & Camp Orkila at Orcas Island in 2006, and last year east coast: Camp Lanowa in NY, also Philadelphia, New Yersey and a lot of places in New York). But in my mind west coast is the best place (maybe the richest) to relax, enjoy, having good time, and to see the most beautifule nature. So Im really happy I have a chance to come back to the west coast.
However, i will cook for you guys, prepare every breakfast, lunch & dinner. This part of camp is also very important. Im interested what kind and quality of the products they order. So...What are your favourite meals, SKYLAKE STAFF ?
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by Andrew2476 » 24 May 2008, 18:14

hallo, im andrew from watford (near london).. im off to skylake too, presume i'll see a couple of you at heathrow?
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by Adam1992 » 31 May 2008, 13:06

my names Adam Thomas btw
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by Adam1992 » 31 May 2008, 13:08

woops, i dont av a clue how to use forums so i just posted sumfin sayin my name lol. is any1 leavin for skylake on the 7th of june?
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by Raymond4457 » 09 Jun 2009, 22:57

hello all, i got placed today at skylake... woo !

i'll be leaving on friday 12th june... :)

add me on facebook if ur leaving or catchin that flight Raymond Howells :)

Wooo !

see you guys soon
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