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by Jordan8438 » 01 May 2008, 18:16

No problem fruitloop :D x
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by Clarissa7422 » 01 May 2008, 19:18

Lucy9679 wrote:Aww, Megabus from Cambridge only goes to Oxford! Why would I want to go to Oxford?! No offence to Oxonians but surely London is a more desirable destination!

That's random, almost all Megabus routes are to London! O_o

Try , they can do some really cheap fares in advance.
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by Neil9171 » 01 May 2008, 19:33

I also have my appointment on the 20th at 9.30 am. Coming down from Aberdeen so better get everything sorted don't want a repeat trip.
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by Lucy9679 » 01 May 2008, 20:30

Thanks Clarissa, it looks like you can go for £1 on National Express too! It takes much longer than the train though and bizarrely all the early morning ones wait at Stansted airport for 45mins in the middle of the journey! So I'll get the train this time but I'll definitely remember the coach for another time. Yay for cheap fares!
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visa on 20th

by Sian7928 » 16 May 2008, 09:56

I've got a visa appoitment on 20th! not until 12.30 though, but I'm coming from Bridgend (near Cardiff) but I'm getting the train because it's faster!!
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by Christopher6411 » 16 May 2008, 13:11

hey. I'm on 20th at 12.30 too. wot time should i get there for? i ended up on megabus for £8 return.
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visa on 20th

by Sian7928 » 16 May 2008, 14:45

im not exactly sure, somewhere I read an hour before and somewhere else I read half an hour before!! I think my train gets to Paddington at 11 so I've got plenty of time to get there... i hope!
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