Visa - Belfast 23rd April

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by Jade4898 » 21 Apr 2008, 10:56

Stressing a bit to be honest lol. Couldn't figure out what to do with my phone but I emailed the consulate and they said I can check it in but that it slows down the process but dude I don't care because I need my phone cause I'm going on my lonesome and for emergency purposes lol.

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by Jamie7319 » 21 Apr 2008, 14:41

Yea, i'm bringing mine too even though i live like 10 miles away just lol.

Yea, the forms are a complete stresser like but it'll be worth it!

When do you come to Belfast?

Cool about how your getting to the consulate?
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by Joanna8855 » 21 Apr 2008, 16:29

Im going on wednesday 10:45 is my appointment im gonna be so bored after coz im getting last flight home if anyone is in same boat and wants to hang out in belfast let me know lol xxx
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by Naomi2205 » 22 Apr 2008, 09:09

ahhh I am at glasgow airport right now waiting for my flight to belfast!!! My appointment is at 9.45 tomoro so maybe see some of u there. I hope I have filled the forms out properly or I am screwed big time ahaha. good luck to everyone else...
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by Jennifer9132 » 22 Apr 2008, 17:56

Hi! Iv got my appointment on wednesday aswell at 9am. Flying from glasgow at 06:25, going myself aswell, anyone one else going that day n flying from glasgow??

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