Birmingham orientation ... sunday 11th may??

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Birmingham orientation ... sunday 11th may??

by Laura5352 » 03 Mar 2008, 22:55

whos going?? :)

would be nice to get to know some people before the day... I'm a newbie to posting :P

wooo... i hve jut been placed though!! so excited :) :)
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by Alice6064 » 21 Mar 2008, 18:43

I am i think. im not from bham but am at the univeristy so decided it was easier to stay there for orientation. I havnt been placed at camp yet :shock: so hope ill get placed soon.
Im alice by the way,
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by Stephanie2673 » 23 Mar 2008, 20:09

Hey I am Steph and will be going to the orientation - it was the closest one to me so am staying with a friend at bham uni
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by Christopher3993 » 06 Apr 2008, 22:47

hey, I'm Chris from Leicester. I'll be there on 11th :-) jus got my placement as Art specialist at Independent Lake Camp in Pennsylvania. Can't wait!!!

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by Sammi2280 » 16 Apr 2008, 17:45

hey im going too :D should be fun! havent got a place yet, but have just been told im guarenteed a place, so realy happy!! hope ur all ok, look forward to meetin u in may!! x
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by Ami1441 » 18 Apr 2008, 17:04

Hi ya im on GS, so will be attendin the bhams orientation..woo im excited names ami by the way :lol:
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by Hayley8093 » 22 Apr 2008, 19:33

Hey, I'm from Leicester and will be going to this Orientation as well! I need to write it down somewhere because I keep forgetting the date!
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may 11th

by Joseph6760 » 29 Apr 2008, 11:58

yeah safe im going to the brum orientation! any1 want to meet up before so you not turning up on your own! let me know??!!
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by Hayley8093 » 29 Apr 2008, 12:19

I was wondering if people wanted to meet at New Street and share taxis or walk together or whatever? I dont know Birmingham very well beyond the bullring..
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by Alice6064 » 29 Apr 2008, 13:09

hi. i would. my bus gets in to new street.i know theres a train to Aston, but im not sure how else to get there. I live here but have only done for a bit at uni so am only aqquainted with the bullring also
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by Mark7623 » 08 May 2008, 09:18

Im there on the 11th too! :D Just got my provisional travel date, 11th June which would be perfect timing!
Im getting the coach from leicester, so if any1 wants to meet before going in let me know!


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by Peter0294 » 08 May 2008, 10:20

i kind of know where the uni is but its trying to find the room i will struggle with if u all wanna meet up at new street or at the bull outside the bullring the pm back to arrange times

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by Kirsty1389 » 08 May 2008, 12:45

i'm going there too :)
ain't been placed at camp yet tho :(
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by Alice6064 » 09 May 2008, 22:26

im not placed either. anyone wanna meet before?
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by Johanna0983 » 11 May 2008, 06:59

hey, im going today! infact i should be in the shower as im leaving in an hour!
Anyone else getting there by coach? if you wanna meet and get there together, that will be ace, cause i cana see myself geting lost!
well if anyone sees this in the next hour send me a message! if not see you there!

Im johanna by rhe way!
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