Fuel Surcharge

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Fuel Surcharge

by admin » 17 Jun 2008, 18:46

Hey Guys,

Let’s just clear this up as there some confusion as to what is going on. As much as we regret passing on the fuel surcharge to you please note that as oil prices rise, so does the fuel surcharge added by an airline. We have tried to limit most of these charges resulting in £20 being passed on to you, which is a small portion of the total extra cost

This is happening at the moment as airlines are applying surcharges with little more than a days notice. To be clear this is not an entry or departure tax (which are government imposed), these charges are airline imposed and based on the current cost of fuel. This is not something we do lightly and we understand that for many of you, this charge is appearing on your CAD page with little notice before you leave for camp. However, this is the current climate of travel.

Hopes this helps clarify the situation.
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