Last night at camp?

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Last night at camp?

by Gary5781 » 12 Oct 2007, 15:57

What did u guys do at your last night of camp?

My camp only had around 50 staff, and we all went on a dinner cruise, it was so good! we all had drinks and to be honest it only hit us about 2 hours before the end of the night that we were all saying goodbye and we all spent the whole night sobbing! I cried so much, such a great night though!

What did u guys do? and how sad was it saying goodbye!
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by Anna2605 » 12 Oct 2007, 17:00

I had 3 last nights, with varing numbers of staff.

The first last night was when contracts of all the american and returning staff, and few of the new internationals fnished. We went tubing on a local river and then we had the staff party with lobster tails and roast beef. After the party we exchanged gifts with our summer sisters and had a side show.

The second last night was when most of the internation were leaving. I cooked for some of my friends and then we just hung out in the staff lounge, and then at 3am in freezing temps some of the staff went swimming - i was snuggled up in bed by that time.

The third last night I had was a few days later - during a troop camp - when we had 12 staff on camp and we had to do everything. We spent that night playing tabo and eating ice-cream with fresh berries and giner snaps.

Needless to say ther were tears on each of those occaisions and the following days aswell.
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by Sandra3324 » 13 Oct 2007, 01:28

...Everyone went to a bar in the nearest town, got wasted, (directors included, and yes there were underage people present, hmm!), lots of drama that night, lots of people sleeping in random places, a very funny camp radio show the next morning spilling out all the goss over the tannoy. Oh dear.
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by Fiona5184 » 13 Oct 2007, 17:58

Our director took us out to dinner and got drunk which was funny in itself but after the meal all the staff (minus the director needless to say) went to the beach to sit, some went swimming, chatted late into the night, etc. not getting back much before 4am I'd say and having to get up early to clean the camp before having to be gone by 12pm :s was an interesting morning
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by Angela7306 » 14 Oct 2007, 20:03

lasy night of camp for me... well being at a day camp we dont live at the camp so back where we were staying in new rochelle NY, we went to a local resteraunt for food then to the pub down the road for the final goodbyes!
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by Hayley4135 » 19 Oct 2007, 01:09

last nite of camp at my camp which was also a day camp but we did overnights on thursdays, well it was a thursday so we were all at camp!
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by Nikki7270 » 21 Oct 2007, 14:20

most of our staff were American and Canadian so they left when the kids did so our last night was when the kids were still there. We had a themed casino dinner where we all got dressed up and were served food by the seniors. We watched the camp dvd for 2007 and then had the final service. As I was at a Jewish camp, they sang some songs and the senior girls all said something about what camp had done for them and what they would miss, then we all went down to the lake and the 07 sign was burnt. Was a fun night!
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by Sarah4810 » 31 Oct 2007, 00:50

We had a huge party down on the riflery range, some of the boys from the brother camp to mine, strung up lights and put huge flame torches around the place. The theme was 'Outdoor formal' so there was a lot of people dressed up as hicks! Very funny. We watched a slide show where there was crying, then we danced and then we went to get icecream. Awesome night.
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by Samantha5618 » 06 Nov 2007, 04:25

At my camp we had a full on buffet. There was teh gift giving where all teh unit leaders and ad staff gets gifts and then we spend teh next hour partying and chilling. Then the best/saddest bit of teh evening one of camp directors did a speach which made nearly all of us cry and then we sang our camps songs and after it there was a stunned silence really strange and very sad
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by Sarah4810 » 06 Nov 2007, 14:56

Well the last night of camp with the campers we had a lakeside ceremony (lighting a huge bonfire on the firedock and sending candles out onto the lake) but the last night with just the staff we had a sit down dinner and a big old party on the riflery range, theme was outdoor formal so there were some pretty ming outfits. Very funny. We watched the camp slideshow and cried. A lot. The next day we bunked off duties and went swimming in the lake, like all the staff. It was so fun, especially as all the guys and gals got to hang out again (2 separate camps on the same area). Fun times.
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by Samantha2176 » 08 Jan 2008, 18:47

Ours was pretty cool, with it being a Special Needs camp, we had a zero tolerance on alcohol on camp, so we just had like a huge buffet in the dining hall, got really dressed up, had a few speechs and stuff then just chilled! All the tears n stuff came the day after when we left!
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by Morag1389 » 31 Jan 2008, 21:04

i was at a camp for kids and adults with special needs last summer and on my last nite of camp we had a power cut!!!! their was a huge thunder storm that went on for hours and a few trees fell on the power cables the night before!!!

our camp director did plan to have a party on camp with a dj and a buffet but we had no electricity so everyone went to a bar close by and the dj came there with a karaoke machine!!! :oops: we had a great nite and our director showed us all the pics he took over the summer on a slideshow later on!!! it was soo sad!!!

camp was amazing last summer!!!!
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