Get Together!

For everyone that took part in CA in summer '07 - keep the summer vibe alive people!!!

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Get Together!

by admin » 04 Oct 2007, 11:38

Take That...The Spice Girls...everyone's getting back together so why not you? If you're having a camp reunion we'd love to hear about it! Which camps keep on going long after the end of the summer??
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by Sandra3324 » 14 Oct 2007, 16:05

A whole bunch of the British counselors (including ones from Scotland and Wales) are meeting up in London in a couple of weeks for one of the girls' birthday. Some of the American counselors are also coming over for a New Years reunion. We're definitely all keeping in touch, it's great. =)
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by Martin4129 » 27 Oct 2007, 16:07

Round Lake is still going strong :-)
We've got people going to Leeds, and another reunion down south! Its amazing this year everyones kept in better touch so far (thanks Facebook lol!)
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by Fiona5184 » 30 Oct 2007, 20:46

all the american staff see each other loads as they are all from the same area but for new years me and the other english counsellor are going back over to celebrate with them
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by Benjamin9607 » 07 Nov 2007, 00:57

Camp emerson uk staff have had 2 reunions so far, as well as some of the international staff touring round the uk
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by Ariike8864 » 01 Feb 2008, 04:44

I have just met up wid a good mate of mine for my b-day so dat was cool, and the rest i speake to on facebook and myspace, and even msn and aim, and oh yeah yeah I still keep in touch with them I even fone and txt da english ones to so its pretty kwl hehehehe
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