The finished article...

For everyone that took part in CA in summer '07 - keep the summer vibe alive people!!!

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The finished article...

by admin » 04 Oct 2007, 11:31

We know what it's're back from camp, you had a great time and right now your conversation to your mum, dad, brother, sister, aunty, uncle, cousins, friends and Gerald your guinea pig consist of phrases that start with the words "at camp this summer" or "when I was in the US this summer" or even "it's like I said to Mickey the Lifeguard this summer..."... and quite frankly it's getting boring...however, fear not! We are firm believers in hearing about your fun summer in fact we want you to tell everyone about it!

A great way to 'spread the word' is via writing an article and trying to get it printed in your local paper or university mag - and guess what? If you get it printed, and you mention Camp America (with contact details) we'll give you money - up to $100 in fact!

So get scribbling and send us in your summer story in all it's printed glory!
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