Another Camp America season is around the corner............

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Another Camp America season is around the corner............

by admin » 21 Jun 2007, 09:37

We’re busy putting our summer 08 brochure together and would love to feature some of the summer 07 crew!! We’re looking for a couple of things…

A life on camp feature – remember how you wanted to know what you’d do on day-to-day basis at camp before you got there? Well now’s your chance to help inform others – if you can send a pic of yourself complete with a quick look at a typical day – you may get featured in the brochure!! We’re looking for something along the lines of …

7.30am – rise and shine – get campers ready for raising the flag
8am – flag raising – I still don’t know the words to the national anthem!!!!
8.15am – Breakfast – cereal, toast and fruit oh my!
9am – 1st session – down to the lake

…you get the picture….

As ever – any quotes you want to send our way about how you’re enjoying your camp experience and any photos/video clips will be greatly appreciated!!

Email them to ****[email protected] *** if not too busy….??? Let me know what you think,

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