What was your experience like at the 27th April Visa J-Day

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by Victoria5666 » 02 May 2007, 00:08

I really was amazed how quick it all was....only in there an hour and a half! I really wondered if they even read my papers! Probably helped that i'd done it twice before! Then had the rest of the afternoon to wonder down oxford street...enjoy the sun in st james park and managed to get tickets with my friend (also going back to my camp) to see WICKED and it was great. Now i just want to go back and see it again! Great day :)
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by David9178 » 02 May 2007, 10:18

heya wassup, it was soo cold that day
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by Laura0796 » 02 May 2007, 13:04

ha yeah longest day of my life was soo tierd came all the way from Hull, altho was only in there about an hour maybe less, and came out succesfull so yeah very good day! altho the map wasnt very clear
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by Adam9150 » 02 May 2007, 13:16

It was very good. However, we should be told in advance that we cant have: any sort of jewellery including: watches, necklaces etc. Also no belts were allowed, therefore everyone's trouseres were falling down

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by Kirsty4005 » 05 May 2007, 12:44

My appointment was at 9am - waited outside for bout an hour, which wasnt too bad!! really quick inside was in there for bout half hour. The Camp America representatives outside & inside were a great help....well done t them 4 makin it alot easier 4 us!!
Well pleaed that i didnt have t wait too long, compared to a few yrs ago when had t wait about 3 n half hours t get a visa!!

All in all a good day!!

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by Shelley0789 » 05 May 2007, 17:10


Got in with my friend at her appt time (an hr before mine) waited for an hour to hand my papers in (lunch time so only a few desks were open) then went back to my seat, then within about one minute my number was called - i had to double check it was mine! I thought i'd got confused! so yeah i was out at 1:40 - not bad as i wasn't meant to have an appointment until 1:30! hehe! Then (as my friend has already said) we spent the afternoon down oxford street, at the park before heading to see WICKED - which was WICKED - totally amazing ... i want to see it again!

So much better than other 3 years - where i have had to spend up to five hours there! :D

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by Lindsay3094 » 06 May 2007, 16:22

My appointment was at 1pm. I arrived at 12.30 and was through security really fast. I was waiting for about 45 minutes until I was called. I was just finished at the first counter when I was called to the interview.

You do have to be on the ball and great to talk to people who had been before.
Thanks for all the help from the Camp America staff.
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by Hayley7583 » 29 May 2007, 15:41

my day was great
got there at 8.30 for my 9.00 app, the camp america staff were really friendly and helpful
was by myself and got talking to some girls in the queue
was in and out in an hour
was expecting to be there for hours!
Thanks camp america :D
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