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Willoway Day Camp



"I always wanted to do Camp America since I was young. I had applied when I was 17 but I wasn’t able to go because I was waiting on A-Level results, then re-applied during my 1st year of Uni. I wanted to travel and see the world, so what better way than spending 3 months in America.

Camp always stays with you. The friends you make are for life. One of my favourite quotes that sums up camp is, “I went to camp expecting to make friends, but I ended up with family”.

I had no plans before I travelled but I met a guy called Lewis and we both wanted to travel to the West Coast. We both booked onto the Wild Western Trek through CA Treks and it was the best 11 days ever. We made so many friends through the trek and most of them had just finished camp.

Don’t think about it, just apply. You will regret it when you see your friends having the best summer ever. It’s great for you CV too! Also, make an application video as it increases your chances and makes you more likely to be hired!

Camp America was the best decision ever! There’re loads of other programs that offer the summer in America experience, but CA provides you with the FULL package."

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