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2017 - 2018

Camp Ladore



"I have always had a fascination with travelling the world and after speaking to one of my friends at University who had just returned from working at summer camp through Camp America, I knew it was something I wanted to do. As someone who is training to be a PE teacher, I knew that camp would give me a priceless experience working with children and making friends for life from all over the globe.

My favourite memory of the summer was relaxing on the lake, kayaking, paddle boarding with my friends on our break days.

Camp has helped to shape my future positively as it has assured me that becoming a PE teacher is what I want to do. At camp my role was the Athletics Director, so I was leading up to 5 sessions of sports a day to campers of different ages and abilities. This experience has provided me with a deeper insight into teaching and has also helped me on my University degree.

I would recommend the programme to others because it will help them to broaden their horizons and become more independent. It will also allow them to make new friends from all over the world and experience different cultures. It’s a great experience which will impact your life positively and it’s the most rewarding thing ever. 

I was lucky enough to travel before and after camp as I was already in America because I was studying at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania for a semester. I had the chance to travel to Florida, Atlanta, Washington DC and New York before heading to camp for the summer. After camp finished, I headed to Toronto, then flew back into America to visit, Boston, LA, San Francisco and finishing in Seattle.

I worked at a Christian camp which was is owned by the Salvation Army. My favourite thing about my camp type was that I was able to explore and grow in my faith and inspire campers to do the same."

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