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2016 - 2018

Green Chimneys

New York


"I was in pursuit of adventure! Camp America is something that everyone knows about but might never commit to. I had always dreamt of visiting or working in America ever since I was younger, and I heard about this amazing summer exchange programme. I saw this as a great opportunity and quickly applied during my first year at University, got placed at Green Chimneys and the rest is history!

Honestly, the whole summer experience was a highlight. It’s hard to explain but camp was special and magical. From the first staff camp fire to weekend trips to special lifetime friendships, everything was amazing.

Camp was everything that I expected and MORE. People say that you must experience it yourself to feel the magic and they’re not wrong. I was surprised at how much a family feel camp was and how fast I formed lifetime bonds with strangers from all over the world.  

I will never forget my first summer as a General Counsellor and my wonderful group of AMAZING 7-year-old campers. We all were considered famous throughout the whole camp - everybody wanted to be us. It’s these experiences that will stay with me forever and I feel that they change me for the better. Coming back in 2018, these same campers were all grown up, but they still remember every part of my first summer and even called me their favourite counsellor ever.

#CampFriendsAreTheBest! I think camp friends are different because even though you spend only 2/3 months together, it feels like you’ve known them all your life. You work together, eat together, cry together, travel together and you see each other every single day. The lack of strong internet also helps. The friends I made during my three summers are now one of my closest friends and are now like family.

My second summer of camp I went on a road trip that I will never forget. Me and my camp friends decided we'd take ourselves on one epic adventure after camp. We took a MASSIVE Road trip across USA, in an RV. In 14 days, we managed to travel to 10 National and State parks, including Yosemite and Grand Canyon. After our trip, we had travelled 5704km, visiting 8 states.

Being a role model to wonderful American kids was the best thing about my role as counsellor. There is no other feeling than helping a camper to grow and become themselves with your help over the summer.

I would recommend the programme because you’ll have the time of your life. Nothing else afterwards will compare to your summer experience! Just Do It! You won’t regret it."

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