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Whatever your skills or special talents, there's a place for you to use them on summer camp! There are four different positions available and each one offers the chance to get involved...

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What Is Summer Camp?

Summer Camps in the USA are hugely popular and are a classic representation of American culture. For over 100 years, American families have been sending their children, ages 6-17, to over 12,000 summer camps spread all throughout the United States. Today, children from all corners of the globe travel to the US for camp and camp is now a truly international environment. The American Camp Association estimate that 11 million children and adults attend summer camp every summer - so that gives you an understand of just how popular camp has become. Every summer, children look forward to spending anywhere between 1-9 weeks at camp and, for many, this is their time to break loose from every-day life, try new activities and really enjoy themselves. The very best friendships are built on camp and the children rely on Counsellors and Support Staff to make sure they have the best possible summer. International counsellors are often the most popular on camp - because they bring weird and wonderful accents and a whole host of cultural differences that American children absolutely love. We always say that if you wonder what it feels like to be a celebrity then to be a Camp Counsellor. Life at camp is intense and it's hard, tiring work - but the reward factor is unrivalled and very quickly summer camp becomes part of who you are. The fantastic thing about summer camp is that there really is something and somewhere for everyone - as Camp America work with a whole host of different types of camp which are detailed below.

Types of Summer Camps:


Private camps are the flagships of the great American summer camp tradition. Many have been around a long, long time and these camps are generally family owned and cater to children from high-income families...

Special Needs

Anyone who has volunteered before will tell you that the feeling you get when you know you're truly helping someone is unrivalled and a placement on a special needs camps offers one of the most unique and rewarding experiences you can have...


Agency/non-profit camps offer a chance for a truly unique and rewarding experience. Generally agencies are charitable and run camps to support children from either their local area or from a background related to the agencies area of fundraising...

Girl Scouts

Words like 'rustic' and 'back to basics' are often used when talking about Girl Scout camps, but really these don't sum up the philosophy of this camp type...

Faith Based

Faith-based Camps offer campers from Christian or Jewish backgrounds the best of both worlds - the chance to enjoy all the activities found at traditional camps, but with time spent incorporating their faith...

Speciality Camps

Certain camps we work with have one particular area of interest that they concentrate on such as tennis, gymnastics or drama...


Each year thousands of children from urban, low-income or even homeless backgrounds in the US get the chance to spend a couple of weeks in the countryside thanks to the hard work and funding by local authorities, charities or agencies...

Day Camp

Day camps do exactly what they say on the tin...offer day-time activities only. Children from the local area spend time at camp during the day, before returning home for the night...

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