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Top 10 Places

The travel is one of the most fun parts of the programme - it's your time to let loose, kick back, step-up, have fun and live life! And there's nowhere better to do all of that than in the U.S. The landscape is indescribable (but we'll give it a go!) from the mountains in Colorado, to the beaches in Florida, from the wide-open spaces of Texas to the old-style charm of Louisiana, from the deserts and canyons of Arizona to the cities of New York, Chicago, Seattle and Washington DC. There is quite honestly something for everyone to enjoy - whether it's nature, beach-life, history, art & culture or just plain shopping! There are 50 states to choose from!

So where will you head? Down the East Coast? Up the West Coast? Cross Country? Here are our top 10 states to visit (in no particular order):


1. Colorado

The mountain state of Colorado sits in the western half of the US. It houses the majority of the southern part of the Rocky Mountains and is a popular skiing destination!

Spend time in Denver, Colorado’s capital, and browse the high-end boutiques on their 12 block long shopping and dining area. Visit the animals in the Denver Zoo and walk the paths in Denver’s Botanic Garden.

Colorado is well known for its cuisine in the southwest and rocky mountain area. Mexican restaurants can be found throughout the states and Boulder was named America’s Foodiest Town 2010 by Bon Appétit!


2. Florida

Florida is also known as the Sunshine State and with good reason! As the most south-eastern state in the U.S., it has high and humid temperatures year round. This peninsula state is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, which means miles of its coast are covered in beaches.

Enjoy the Hispanic culture in Miami and relax on South Beach or catch a Gators game in Gainsville. Visit ‘gator land in the Everglades National Park, or head north in the state and ride the ‘coasters in Orlando’s famous theme parks!

Key West is an island on the Straits of Florida, off the south coast of the state. Rent a bike and take a cycle tour of Old Town Key West and the unusual Key West Cemetery.


3. Texas

Despite being the second largest state in the country, half of Texas’ population live in the metropolitan areas of Dallas-Fort Worth. Due to its size, the state houses several different climactic regions and diverse weather patterns.

If shopping’s what you’re after, visit one of the country’s biggest flea markets in Canton or head to Fredericksburg for over 100 unusual shops featuring arts and crafts, clothing and jewellery.

A trip to Texas wouldn’t be complete without experiencing one of the many rodeos which happen all over the state. Stockyards Championship Rodeo in Fort Worth takes place every Friday and Saturday night and is listed as a go-see, despite not being part of the professional circuit.


4. Louisana

Louisiana is the home of New Orleans, the jazz capital of America! You can find music almost everywhere you go, from traditional jazz music on the streets for you to enjoy whilst taking in coffee during the day, to in the bars at night.

When nighttime comes, you can party anywhere on the famous Bourbon Street, which is filled with jazz bars and Mardi Gras themed bars. Those on the balconies above shower the streets below with strands of multi-coloured plastic beads!

Across from New Orleans, you find Cajun Country. Drift through ancient cypress swamps in the Atchafalaya Basin or take a charter fishing expedition into the Gulf of Mexico. Explore the cultural riches and nightlife of Lafayette and Lake Charles.


5. Arizona

Arizona is located in the Southwest of the States and is best known for its desert landscape, with summer temperatures soaring to 45°C! Arizona is one of the four corner states, which means if you take the trip to Four Corners Monument, you could potentially be in four states at the same time!

Arizona is known for being the home of the spectacular Grand Canyon – a vast, mile deep canyon forged by the Colorado River for 277 miles. Watch the sun rise or set and venture out onto the Skywalk – a glass floored bridge curving out over the rim of the canyon. Stay on the rim and admire the view or take part in a trek down to the floor of the valley and camp overnight!

22 federally recognised Indian tribes, communities and nations are location in Arizona, some of which are open to tourism such as the Navajo Nation and White Mountain Apache Tribe.


6. New York

The State is occasionally referred to as ‘New York State’ when it is distinguished from New York City. Because a significant majority of the population is concentrated in the southern portion around New York City, the state is often regionalized into Upstate and Downstate.

New York City is the vibrant “city that never sleeps” and is home to famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park and Times Square. There is something for everyone in New York. Shoppers can revel in Macy’s, one of the biggest department stores in the country, movie buffs can track down the locations used in 90s comedy ‘Ghostbusters’, and theatre lovers have Broadway!

New York’s Adirondack State Park is larger than any U.S. National Park outside of Alaska. On the far north-western border, you can view Niagara Falls, and take a ride on the Maid of the Mist.


7. Illinois

Illinois is the home of Chicago. Try to catch a show at the famous Apollo Theatre, where comedians like Chris Rock got their start, or catch a free jazz festival in Millennium Park.

Visit the biggest sea life centre in the country – the Shedd Aquarium. The aquarium houses thousands of fish and sea creatures with hundreds of different species. They have several dolphin shows a day and you can go and watch their beluga whales being fed.

Chicago also boasts the tallest building in the States! Willis Tower was the tallest building in the world until 1998. On a clear day you can see across four different states from the Skydeck on the 103rd floor.

Illinois also has several state parks on offer, including the Rim Rock Recreational Trail.


8. Washington

Washington State is in the north-west, above California. Approximately 60% of Washington's residents live in the urban area around Seattle. The remainder of the state consists of deep rainforests and mountains and a semi-arid eastern basin given over to agriculture.

Seattle is where Grunge music came from, home to Nirvana and is now very much the centre of the Indie-Emo scene. There is a lot of sport for any of you sport fanatics with the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Mariners heading the list.

Be sure to walk through Seattle's Fish Market and have a great meal with a little entertainment. Whatever you do, you will have a great time in the most populated city in the Pacific Northwest.


9. California

The Golden State is the most populated state in the United States and located on the Pacific Coast. California is known for its pleasant climate, ethnically diverse population and its sunny beaches.

It’s home to San Francisco, a bustling metropolis of culture, history and things to do. Take in some culture with the San Francisco Symphony, catch a baseball game with the San Francisco Giants or take a trip to Chinatown, the oldest Chinatown in North America!

Further south and you reach Los Angeles, the centre of all things Hollywood. Take a tour of the stars homes in Beverly Hills, walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame or visit the Grauman's Chinese Theatre and spot the famous hand and footprints there.

California’s diverse geography ranges from the beaches to the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Sierra Nevada contains Yosemite Valley National Park, famous for its glacially-carved domes.


10. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania sits comfortably against New York State, in north-eastern USA. It’s home to America’s first zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo, which opened its gate in 1874.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is home to the oldest and one of the country’s largest Amish communities. Take an Amish buggy ride around the area and see how life can be lived more simply, or have a tour of some of the farmhouses and land. Buy authentic handmade Amish crafts and taste home cooking the way it should be!

Pennsylvania is also home to the only building in the world devoted to the legendary magician – Harry Houdini. The Houdini Museum in Scranton features memorabilia, mannequins and films as well as information about his life and career.

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