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There is only 1 Camp America - so before you consider participating with anyone other than the original, consider this...

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Whatever your skills or special talents, there's a place for you to use them on summer camp! There are four different positions available and each one offers the chance to get involved...

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Why Us?

Quite simply, we believe we offer the highest quality American cultural exchange programme. Camp America has been sending staff to American summer camps to embark on summer jobs abroad since 1969, and during this time has sought to ensure the satisfaction of over 165,000 applicants.

The secret of our ongoing success of our summer work placements is the commitment of our staff. They love the job they do and gain satisfaction from helping people fulfill their dreams. Camp America staff offer unprecedented support and dedication - most of our staff have been on Camp themselves, and some still return year after year!

We are also lucky enough that while we can maintain a small, personal and close knit team, we have the backing of the leader in cultural exchange - the American Institute for Foreign Study. AIFS has great financial experience and stability, impressive human resource and systems departments, and is widely respected by the whole industry. We are the most experienced cultural Exchange Programme for organising summer jobs abroad, and are in the industry for the long haul: over forty years so far under the same dedicated chairman.

We work with American summer camps that differ greatly from each other, and offer a wide range of summer work placements from tennis and rock climbing coaches to arts and crafts/drama teachers, general counsellors, kitchen hands and even high ropes instructors, so whatever your interests, skills or character there will be a camp to suit you. We also offer summer work placements on camps with a religious emphasis, as well as on Camps catering for Special Needs Campers.

Camp America also offers a number of different programmes for summer jobs abroad. As a counsellor you might be in charge of looking after the daily welfare of a small number of children, or passing on your artistic skills. You could decide to be a Special Needs Counsellor, or choose to work in America on a camp religious in orientation. Or you might feel that a supporting role is for you, in maintenance or administration. All these roles will offer a different Camp experience, but each will be incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable.

Camp America offers numerous benefits to our applicants:

  • We take only the best applicants for our summer work placements, and as a result have a very high placement rate. Last year over 90 per cent of our British applicants were placed on camps to work in America. You will receive confirmation of your placement and location before you leave home, this will help those at home rest easily and allow you to plan your summer adventure.
  • Camp America is a designated J-1 visa sponsor. The process to obtain a J-1 visa on order to work in America has recently become more complicated, but we feel there is no one better than Camp America J-1 Visa team to guide you through this complex process and make it as hassle-free as possible.
  • You will receive medical insurance for the whole duration of your time in America. This insurance has been specially designed for Camp America applicants, and most importantly offers you protection even after your summer job abroad has finished, giving peace of mind if you decide to embark on your own travels after your summer camp work in America.
  • We provide a free phone emergency helpline service – so whether you are on camp or travelling we will always be just a phone-call away!
  • We provide you with a minimum of a nine-week work summer work placement, during which time your food and accommodation will be free. You will also receive pocket money for this nine-week assignment, and additional money if you work longer.
  • We provide you with free return flights to New York from London, and other selected airports.
  • After camp, Camp America offers the chance for you to travel for up to 1 month, so that you and your new found friends get the opportunity to see firsthand the diversity and beauty of America after earning money in your summer job abroad.

For detailed information about a summer work placement with us and applying through Camp America to work in America, simply look on our main web page.

The benefits you receive from spending your summer on the Camp America programme are immeasurable. On a practical level you will gain new skills, while on a personal level you will find yourself challenged daily, your potential being unearthed and you confidence growing. You will be able to experience directly the summer camp atmosphere so central to American culture, and to interact with American people in a way not otherwise possible. With over 70 nationalities participating in the Camp America programme a summer spent on camp is a truly international cultural exchange, where you will make friends for life!

We also know that time spent on Summer Camp is great for your CV. Employers recognise that it takes a committed and talented person to successfully be placed on Camp, and to complete the assignment as well as an opportunity to develop your skills of leadership.

Above all, Camp America provides you with the chance to have the summer of a lifetime. We believe that we are able to best ensure that your summer work placement in the States is as fulfilling, problem free, and most importantly as enjoyable as possible!

From the mouths of our participants...

Here are a couple of comments that our previous participants had to say about their summer jobs abroad and their experiences on the programme. Next summer this could be you!

‘I had a very enjoyable time during my summer work placement with Camp America. I would like to thank Camp America for giving me the opportunity to experience this amazing adventure and journey that has changed my life and views for the better. Camp America were so helpful all the time I was preparing to go to America and all the time I was there.’ - Kirk, Kennolyn Camp, UK

‘My Camp America experience was amazing. In the UK they were always there answering questions and ringing to making sure I had everything.’ - Arie, Camp Danbee, UK.

‘My summer job abroad in the States was such a great experience for me. It was my first time away from home for so long. Before I came to the States I was afraid of everything, my language, travel etc. But Camp America took care of this. They gave me the opportunity to meet so many awesome people from many countries. Its an incredible experience when people from Great Britain, Poland, Australia and New Zealand meet together in one place to work in America. Thank you!’ - Kamila, Camp Fernwood, Poland.

‘When I applied to Camp America I never imagined I would work as a Special Needs Counsellor on my summer work placement. But it was such a good experience that I want to return to my camp. My favourite camper, Danny, was so sweet. Even though he is autistic, I developed links of affection with him. He was like a little brother, I’ll never forget him.’ - Laulhe, New Jersey Y at Lake Como, France.

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