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6 Key Qs 4 U!

There is only 1 Camp America - so before you consider participating with anyone other than the original, consider this...

About Us

Whatever your skills or special talents, there's a place for you to use them on summer camp! There are four different positions available and each one offers the chance to get involved...

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If you're wondering about what the Camp America programme is all about, you should head on over here to find out…

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Camp America proudly flies Virgin Atlantic

What you get

As a Returner, you'll be pleased to hear that the process of going back to camp is a lot cheaper could not be easier...

Pay less than first-timers!

It’s simple – as a Camp America returner, the cost to you to re-participate is substantially lower than first-time applicants and this is our way of rewarding your loyalty! As a first timer the programme costs are higher as we have to interview you, work on your application, find you a placement, help you with your visa, provide you with an orientation and sort out your travel to camp. Basically, a lot of work behind the scenes went on to get you to camp! Now that you’ve done it, we have to admit that you won’t need our help as much next summer, which is why we're able to offer you a cheaper deal. 

Negotiate your own pay
One of the major benefits to you is the ability to negotiate your own pocket money directly with your camp – and the sky really is the limit here! Generally applicants can expect a minimum increase from your first year of around $300, but fast talking will dictate how well your pockets are lined...

Returner Visas

As a Camp America returner you will be required to attend a face to face interview at your selected US Embassy. This is a slight change to previous seasons as you may note! Essentially, the process will be very similar to our first time applicants. All the instructions will be populated on your Camp America Direct site and our visa team will be on hand to help with any questions you may have about the process.

Your application is saved from last year!

By logging in to your Camp America online account, you'll see that all of your information from 2014 has been saved - meaning that you do not need to worry about spending hours refilling your skill information. Also, we don't need you to provide references again and your camp may also let you use your medical form from last year (but you need to double check this with them...)

Top-quality customer service!

Whether you’re headed back to the same camp or want to try something completely new, Camp America will still afford you our exceptional customer service and will be there every step of the way to help with anything and everything you need – especially your visa!

Arrange your own transport – or leave it to us!

Camp America also give you the opportunity and flexibility to either arrange your own transport to camp or choose the CA flight package – which removes the expense and hassle of paying for your flight up-front. If the CA flight option is chosen, CA will simply deduct the cost from your pocket money – meaning you’re paying only a very small amount to actually get yourself back to camp!

Please Note: There will be additional regional flight cost to participants flying outside of London e.g. those leaving from Belfast, Glasgow etc. A full list of prices will be available in the New Year or can be obtained now by calling your local Camp America office. 

Kudos from your Camp Director!

For 2015, no program fees are charged to your camp – if you choose to arrange your own transport. This essentially means that we’re giving you away for free and this can only bring a smile to the face of Mr or Mrs Camp Director! If you choose the CA flight option then we'll only charge your camp for the price of your flight, who in turn will deduct this price from your pocket money – thus essentially underlining the fact we do not charge your camp a program fee!

Medical Insurance

Your Returner package will ensure that you’re shipped off to camp, safe in the knowledge that you’re fully covered for any bumps or scrapes that hopefully won’t occur. Should they do so then you’re fully protected for health and injury; both whilst you’re on camp and after camp, when you’re enjoying some quality travel time!

"Camp America are a superb organisation that has allowed me the opportunity to meet and work with some great people and explore the country"

Laura Henwood, 2012 Participant, Camp Blue Bay GS Nassau

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