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6 Key Qs 4 U!

There is only 1 Camp America - so before you consider participating with anyone other than the original, consider this...

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Whatever your skills or special talents, there's a place for you to use them on summer camp! There are four different positions available and each one offers the chance to get involved...

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If you're wondering about what the Camp America programme is all about, you should head on over here to find out…

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What Makes A Great Application?

There are small, basic steps that you can take to ensure your application is as strong and complete as possible...

Number 1: Be mindful of your spelling, grammar and the overall standard of your written English. If your writing is lazy or you've written in text shorthand e.g. “i am gr8 at bsketball and luv 2 sk8”, then this doesn’t create the best impression of you! The interviewer who'll review your application may take from this that you haven’t given the application your attention and this may result in them doubting your motivation in applying to the programme.

Relevant activity photo

Relevant activity photo

Number 2: Go into detail when discussing your skills and experience! Okay, so you play football – but do you play with your mates in the park or are you captain of your university team? Do you just about understand the rules or do you have a coaching qualification from the Football Association? The less you tell us, the harder it is for us to assess your level of experience. This also applies to discussing your child care experience... Telling us that you work at a community centre for children is great – but we want to know what experience you have in working with children. Again, the more you tell us – the easier it is to foresee your placement chances.

Number 3: Tell us why you’ll make a great counsellor! We know that there’re many things that you hope to take from the programme i.e. personal development, cultural experience, new friends etc – but this application is about what you can bring to the table. Why is it that you want to be a camp counsellor? We want to see that you understand what our programme is all about and that you’re willing to contribute, as well as receive.

Number 4: Refine your application! A smiling, happy headshot with a few carefully selected activity photographs can really push your application that extra bit further. Camp Directors want to see you and if you upload a photograph of you wearing a baseball cap with your head tilted to the side or, even worse, if there's more than one person in the picture, it just doesn't have the same effect!

As for activity photographs, if you've written down that you have experience in horse-riding - then do you have any pictures of you on a horse? We want to clearly see that it's you in the pictures so if you play for your university hockey team and are showing a picture of 22 people on a hockey pitch, which one is you? The photographs go a long way to 'back-up' the written part of your application and really help Camp Directors in making their hiring assessments.

Making a short video of yourself could push you even further ahead! Introduce yourself, show off your personality and demonstrate all the aspects of your written application on film. Don't tell us that you're the captain of your university basketball team and then show us 2 minutes of footage throwing basketballs at a hoop and failing to score any.

Paying a little more time, care and attention to refining your application will go a long way!

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