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Whatever your skills or special talents, there's a place for you to use them on summer camp! There are four different positions available and each one offers the chance to get involved...

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At Camp America we offer a huge variety of summer jobs in America. Our camp counselor jobs allow you to work directly with children teaching them sports, dancing or arts. Alternatively, in our Campower programme you can take part in summer work in supportive roles including catering and administration. Whatever you decide, there are thousands of summer student jobs on offer at summer camps all over the US!

Camp Counsellor Jobs

To get a job as a camp counselor, you must like children and be ready for an exciting, fun, eye-opening and amazing summer. This is no ordinary summer student job - you will act as a role model to these children and will be with them everyday throughout the nine weeks, so you will need lots of energy and be open to new ideas.

To secure a camp counsellor job, you must have experience working with children and be able to provide references to testify to this. Whilst more formal experience is preferred, experience can include: regular babysitting, assistant teaching, assisting at a children's play scheme or having younger brothers and sisters for whom you have been responsible over periods of time.

There are two types of Counsellor: specialist and general.

Advanced Skills Counselor Jobs

'Specialist' camp counselor jobs will see you teach different groups of children specific activities throughout the day. If you have skills you feel you could teach children, no matter what they are, there is summer work on a camp out there for you!

Depending on the activity, there are varying degrees of certification needed to secure a specialist camp counsellor job, but most importantly, you need the right attitude and the enthusiasm to work with children of all ages during your summer job in America.

American Red Cross Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor Courses are now available (UK only) - which guarantees you a summer work placement with Camp America.

General Camp Counsellor Jobs

General camp counselor jobs do not require special skills in any particular area and primarily involve being responsible for the overall activity programme and care of a small group of children. You are therefore required to have extensive childcare experience. Your role will be to accompany groups of boys and girls from activity to activity - but be prepared to participate! Remember you are their role model for the summer and they will want to be like you when they grow up!

Whether you are a General or a Specialist counsellor, be prepared to get involved in everything offered at summer camp during your summer work placement. We guarantee you will be amazed by the variety of talents you have when you put your mind to it!

Special Needs Counsellors

A Special Needs camp counsellor job is very similar to that of a counsellor, but, as the name suggests, your campers will have varying special needs. In order to work as this type of counsellor you do not need to have extensive previous experience working with special needs, just a willingness to try something different during your summer work.

Special Needs counsellors normally look after a smaller group of campers than a General Counsellor and often work on a one-to-one basis. Equally, special needs camps require Specialist Counsellors to teach all kinds of activities on offer.

We take particular care in placing staff at special needs camps, and we will not place you at such a camp without your prior agreement. Spending the summer working with campers who have special needs requires staff to be very mature and responsible but at the same time it is lots of fun and extremely gratifying. Staff who work at these camps on their summer jobs in America form strong bonds with each other and the team spirit within such camps is phenomenal.


'Campower' is the name we give to the support roles at a summer camp. In essence, you are the power behind the camp… without you the camp would not function!! If you don't want to spend your summer work placement working directly with kids in a camp counsellor job but would love to have the unique experience of an American summer camp, this is the summer job for you!

The most important requirement for this option is that U.S. visa regulations state a Campower worker must be a full-time post-secondary student (English language school courses do not qualify). Therefore, this is a great option for those looking for summer student jobs in America.

Although many positions are in the kitchen, where you could be preparing food for all those hungry campers or washing the dishes, there are plenty of other jobs on offer, such as plumbing, electrical, vehicle maintenance or horse/stable care. There are also less skilled positions available including ground staff, camp store, laundry staff or night watch staff.

You don't need prior experience for these summer jobs in America but many people apply, so get your application in early! The work is demanding and the hours are long but you'll receive more pocket money than Counsellors and because you don't have responsibility for a cabin of children, you will probably have more time to yourself.

Religious Camp Counsellor Jobs

Camp America are proud to provide a service for committed Christians and followers of the Jewish faith, which offers amazing opportunities for young followers of these faiths to act as role models and assist in the programming of the Christian/Jewish summer camp communities of the United States.

Our aim is to carefully assess the faith needs and requirements of young, enthusiastic followers and to match them up with the spiritual and practical needs of prestigious American Christian/Jewish summer camps and organisations.

Faith option participants will do the same type of activities as those who apply for the other Camp America camp counsellor jobs, but will have an additional duty to promote the religious values and ethos of their camps. In return, they will have the satisfaction of knowing that their work at Christian/Jewish Summer Camps is helping in the faith formation of their young charges, and in so doing, strengthening the Christian/Jewish Community of the United States. 

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