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There is only 1 Camp America - so before you consider participating with anyone other than the original, consider this...

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Whatever your skills or special talents, there's a place for you to use them on summer camp! There are four different positions available and each one offers the chance to get involved...

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If you're wondering about what the Camp America programme is all about, you should head on over here to find out…

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Only at camp


We know that the summer is a time when there’s a million and one things that young people can experience; whether it’s hitting the festival scene, going on a lads/girls holiday or volunteering in Africa – it’s YOUR time and it’s up to YOU how you spend it. Call us biased, but we think summer camp offers you something very special, cultural and unique...

There really isn’t anything like the US summer camp environment, anywhere else in the world! You’d be hard pushed to find any other environment where so many different types of personalities, nationalities and cultures come together, in such a close-knit environment – and live together as a little community for 9 weeks! There is so much history and tradition steeped in camping and each individual camp tends to have some quirky traditions of their own – meaning that there is no standard camp experience! Here are some of the things that we love most about camp:

Colour Wars/Camp Olympics – this is a HUGE tradition on camp and it’s an intense period which can take place over several days in some cases! The camp is broken down into teams and each team goes hard at it in competition – in just about every imaginable area! You’ll get points for having the tidiest bunk/cabin, getting to activities and meals on time, for sporting success and even for singing the loudest at evening activity! It’s an amazing time on camp and everyone gets really into it...especially the counsellors! Be prepared to dress in your teams colour for four days, get body paint everywhere and completely exhaust your vocal chords with some of the loudest shouting and longest singing you’ll ever come across! One of the most exciting parts of colour wars is what is called ‘Breakout!’ This is when everyone finds out what team they’re going to be in and Breakout is often done in a clever, comical way – and it’s not uncommon for there to be ‘Fakeouts’...to keep everyone guessing! Some camps go all out in tradition and campers will be on the same colour team every year; colours can even run through family lines! The competitive aspect of Colour War is a great representation of American culture!

S’mores and Campfire – every single camp will have a campfire; probably in an amphitheatre typesetting or will have logs strategically placed as seats, around a central fire pit. Campfire is where everyone gets together to sing songs, share stories and it’s often the scene of many evening activities. Campfires are often the scene of ‘special’ camp moments – whether it’s a counsellor being awarded Counsellor of the Week or a director sharing special stories of achievement. No campfire is complete, however, without the delicious gooey treats that are...S’MORES!

We’ve never really understood why American chocolate, burnt marshmallow and, essentially, a digestive biscuit tastes so good – but for some reason at camp it’s the equivalent of a fillet-mignon or a cup of tea on a freezing cold day! People go crazy for them and you’ll go crazy for them too – even if after returning home to British chocolate, you’ll probably wonder why...

The Waterfront - year on year when we ask people where their favourite place on camp was, they invariably tell us 'the waterfront!' Virtually all camps will have wa waterfront of some sort, whether it's a private lake of their own or a shared lake with another camp(s). Down at the water you'll get to take part in a whole host of different activities, from sailing to windsurfing, paddle-boarding to water-skiing, trampolining to tubing and who knows, your camp might even have a banana boat!

It's such a fun place and the waterfront is set up to accomodate everyone; with shallow water marked out for those who don't swim so well and the more advanced water areas, for those who enjoy a good swim (usually the guys from the Southern Hemisphere!) There's nothing better than kicking back on the dock, catching a bit of sun and looking out at the gorgeous scenery surrounding your camps' lake.

Camp 'Cuisine' - at camp you'll get three square meals a day and we'd be lying if we said that you can expect Michelin starred nosh - but, what you will get is an array of interesting cultural dishes unique to the good old US of A! We're talking Sloppy Joes, pizza bagels, baked ziti, grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup, noodle-stroodle, corndogs and many, many more! There's always something for everyone - but camp grub is always a major comparison point for our past and present participants...

Camp Itself - summer camps themselves, no matter how grand or how basic, are pretty gorgeous and unlike anywhere you will have lived before! Your natural surroundings will astound you and you'll wake up some days and think "where the heck am I?" The lake, the trees, the sunsets and sunrises, the stars in the clear, night sky and the wildlife that live with you will blow your mind! You'll become very attached to and protective of your camp and when your time there is over, all you'll want to do is be back there experiencing the beautiful 9 weeks that you got to live there! It's no wonder that people go back year-after-year-after-year... In terms of a true cultural exchange, you'll be hard pressed to find a true American experience anywhere other than a US summer camp!

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