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There is only 1 Camp America - so before you consider participating with anyone other than the original, consider this...

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Whatever your skills or special talents, there's a place for you to use them on summer camp! There are four different positions available and each one offers the chance to get involved...

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Future CA Applicants

Not going to be 18 by June 1st of this application season? Don’t worry about it! You’re actually in an advantageous position – because if you’re interested in Camp America now then you can spend the next year or so really building up your personal skills and experience, and ensure that when you are old enough to apply to the programme, that you’re going to be a strong and desirable applicant!

Competition for placement with Camp America is great and each year we receive a ton of applications, from individuals with wide ranging skill sets. Some skills are in shorter supply than others - and these skills are what we term as ‘high demand’. Generally ‘high demand’ skills are in areas whereby certification or a high-level experience is required – such as archery, life-guarding, motorboat driving, horse-riding, rock climbing, sailing, tennis or windsurfing*! If you are able to obtain qualification/significant experience in these areas – in a setting which involves working with children – then this will significantly improve your chances of placement. We fully understand however that activities such as these can be expensive and, depending on your geographic location, may not even be available in your area - so if you are not able to obtain experience in these areas, then don’t worry about it – there’s plenty of other areas for you to get involved in...

The basis of the Camp America programme is working with children and therefore applicants who can demonstrate a high level of child care experience, tied closely to a skill area, are going to have a great chance of placement. For example, an applicant with a mid-to-low handicap in golf who has experience coaching/assisting juniors at his local golf club is going to be a desirable fit for a camp director. Similarly, an applicant who enjoys hiking, with perhaps a Duke of Edinburgh qualification - who also has experience assisting with their local scout/guide group is again able to demonstrate valuable experience, tied to their skill-set.

If you have experience or a particular interest in a specific skill, but no compelling child care experience, then is there a way for you to gain the experience that will push you ahead as a Camp America applicant? Are you a good footballer who could perhaps assist at a local community centre or help coach a youth football team? Are you perhaps deeply artistic and could help children at an after school programme, in ceramics or painting? Do you have an interest in helping those with special needs and could you maybe obtain some voluntary work with a charity, or even at an adult facility?

Camps in America really do offer a seriously wide-range of activities and there’s definitely something out there for you! Use the time between now and when you’ll become eligible to apply to our programme, to really strengthen your placement chances – and remember, there’s no specific level of qualification or experience that we’re looking for, as each applicant is reviewed and assessed as an individual!


*For a full list of skills that are high-demand and potential training opportunities, please contact enquiries@campamerica.co.uk

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