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There is only 1 Camp America - so before you consider participating with anyone other than the original, consider this...

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Whatever your skills or special talents, there's a place for you to use them on summer camp! There are four different positions available and each one offers the chance to get involved...

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To make your path to amazing summer in the USA as smooth as possible, Camp America organises numerous events throughout the year. These make applying to our seasonal work programme easier, and also allow you to meet Camp America staff participants from the camps themselves. In this way you can ask questions and get a real feel for what summer work in the USA will actually be like. Most of our events are held in the UK, but enter our main webpage to find out if there is a Camp America event near you.

Camp Director Fairs

Camp Director Fairs have proved very popular with our applicants. It is not hard to see why. At these fairs you can literally walk away with a dream summer camp job in the USA in a matter of hours! We fly over hundreds of Camp Directors over from the States to the UK. They are each looking to recruit staff for their camps, and all together there are thousands of seasonal work opportunities on offer. These fairs are an opportunity for you to speak to the Camp Directors directly about work on a summer camp. On the one hand, this means that you get to hear from the person who is best qualified to tell you about their camp, and what experiences it will offer you. On the other hand it means that you get a real opportunity to impress them with your character and skills, so that they will have no choice but to offer you a seasonal job in the USA this summer!

There is no need to make an appointment - simply turn up to our venue on the day. It makes matters easier for you if you fill out an application form before you come. In the UK we hold summer counsellor recruitment fairs in London, Manchester and Edinburgh annually. At our recruitment fairs we cater for summer work on all types of camps in the USA, including religious, inner city, disadvantaged, special needs etc. It is also better if you come prepared – so have a read of our website to find out what the directors will be looking for. For more information about which camps will be represented, and for information about how to locate venues, visit our main webpage by selecting your country of origin from the dropdown box on the left hand side of this page.


If you are unsure about whether you want to embark on summer work in the USA with Camp America then come and experience one of our Roadshows. At these events you will experience camp for yourself. See our video and hear personal camp stories from our dedicated interviewer team who are past camp participants. Here we will answer all your questions about seasonal jobs in the USA, and provide you with all the information that you need. Bring a parent or a friend and spend two hours with Camp America to learn all you need to know to get ready for the summer of a lifetime!

Interview Days

Camp America has interviewers located all over the world. To make this process easier for you, we organise Interview Days all around the UK. We will be holding these events in the main summer job counsellor recruitment months between September and March, so please check this page to find out when we will be visiting your local town. At these events we will have many of our interviewers gathered in the same place, this saves you having to contact an interviewer yourself and having to coordinate a time that suits you both.

Careers Fairs and Campus Visits

If you’re a university student, keep your eyes on your notice boards and our website for when we will be visiting an institution near you to recruit students for summer work in the USA. Hear camp stories from past participants, learn about summer US travel adventures, get informed about the Camp America application process, and learn how to get an American J-1 Visa form our dedicated staff. We are looking for students with specialised skills suitable for seasonal work at summer camps, and we want to provide university students with all the knowledge that they need so that they can participate in our summer camp seasonal job experience.


Once you’ve been placed on a seasonal job in the USA, Camp America’s guidance doesn’t end there. We hold orientations to assist you in your upcoming summer work in the USA. We will guide you through your flights process, where we will be at the airport to make sure you're heading in the right direction. You can meet others that are going to camp and share their excitement and nerves as well as meeting new friends for the summer ahead. We will tell you what to expect, inform you and your family of all your insurance guidelines and generally make you feel confident and safe in your upcoming summer adventure.

Make the most of our Summer Job Placement programme and check out your country page for more information on seasonal jobs in the USA and when Camp America will be visiting an area near you. See you there!

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