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There is only 1 Camp America - so before you consider participating with anyone other than the original, consider this...

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Whatever your skills or special talents, there's a place for you to use them on summer camp! There are four different positions available and each one offers the chance to get involved...

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If you're wondering about what the Camp America programme is all about, you should head on over here to find out…

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Become a Brand Manager

Are you a good networker? Do you have good communication skills? Do you have the confidence to share what you really think? Think you’d be good at generating excitement at your university? Most importantly; do you believe in the Camp America programme? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then read on.

At the start of each application season, Camp America recruits an enthusiastic team of college/university reps that we call Brand Managers. Successful candidates will become one of the all-important points of contact for any interested students who may want to know a little bit more about the programme - from a friendly and experienced face. 

As a Student Brand Manager you will:

  • Develop the Camp America brand on your college/university campus 
  • Implement your own promotional ideas throughout the academic year to ensure we stand out
  • Use your campus knowledge and own initiative to ensure that each campaign reaches our target market and promotes our brand
  • Use your existing network of contacts within societies, campus media and your student union to identify opportunities to support our marketing needs, in addition to establishing new contacts
  • Use social media to interact with your campus network in order to create a buzz encouraging students to positively engage with Camp America 
  • Provide us with relevant feedback and ideas on how to improve our marketing strategy on campus

As part of the role, you’ll be given actual responsibility; including presentations, networking, contact building and event staffing – so this is an excellent opportunity to boost your CV and develop employability skills that are desirable from future employers. Camp America has always been considered a positive thing to have on your CV, so you’re only going to improve it further by applying as a Brand Manager. The work experience you build outside of your degree programme is what will separate you from your peers, when you’re competing for the same jobs after graduation. If you’re able to demonstrate the right attitude and excel in the role then we’ll help your future employment prospects even further by endorsing and recommending you on LinkedIn, which is a crucial resource for any future jobseeker. 

For the best part, the Brand Manager role is voluntary and will call upon your own enthusiasm and love of summer camp and this is your opportunity to help others achieve the same positive experience with Camp America that you did. From time-to-time, there will be paid opportunities; payable at a rate of £7 per hour. The role would be ideal for anyone who is intending on going back to camp, as we can further discount your returner fees and give you other camp-related incentives.

To apply for the role of Brand Manager you must:

  • Be a current or new student at college or university
  • Have participated at least once on the Camp America programme
  • Be open, enthusiastic and prepared to positively recommend the Camp America programme

Applications for the role of Brand Manager are now closed for the 2014 season!

Camp America is committed to Child Protection and the Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults. We require all participants to understand that any inappropriate behaviour toward children & vulnerable adults in the USA will be reported by camps to law enforcement authorities and the full force of the law will be brought to bear on perpetrators of abuse.  We operate a Safer Recruiting policy and will require police checks, medical checks and other documents from you to support your application to our programme.  Camp America believes that children and vulnerable adults should never experience abuse of any kind and we are committed to work in a way that keeps Child Protection & Safeguarding at the centre of our practices and procedures. 
You can read Camp America’s full Child Protection & Safeguarding policy here.

"I have really enjoyed my time at camp and the whole experience has opened my eyes to want to try new things"

Sophie Phillips, 2012 Participant, YMCA Camp Fuller

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