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Whatever your skills or special talents, there's a place for you to use them on summer camp! There are four different positions available and each one offers the chance to get involved...

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Apply for summer camp jobs with Camp America

We accept applicants from numerous countries all over the world, of different ages (though you must be over 18 years old), backgrounds and skills to work in summer camp jobs in the States.

To secure a summer camp job, you must fulfill the following basic criteria:

  • Be patient, caring, flexible, energetic & fun.
  • Be 18 years or older by 1st June (of the season in which you're applying).
  • Speak fluent English.
  • Complete a criminal record check and two references that testify to your suitability for the role.
  • Provide two character references
  • Be available for a minimum of 9 weeks and be able to depart for the U.S. sometime between the beginning of May and end of June - returning no sooner than mid August.
  • Have a valid passport that covers the full duration of your trip (and for some nationalities has 6 months duration, beyond the period of stay in the U.S.)
  • Be able to prove to the American Embassy/Consulate that you have strong ties to the country of your residence (e.g. reason(s) to return, such as family, employment, student status etc).
  • Possess a suitable level of fitness/health, for active/outdoor employment.

To apply to be a camp counselor at our affiliated summer camps, skills or qualifications are not always as important as qualities such as commitment, enthusiasm and a 'give it a go' attitude. An experience or talent you might not think much of could be your ticket to an amazing summer!

Camp Counsellors

Our camp counsellors come from all over the world, but you do need to have a good level of English in order to communicate with your fellow campers. We also offer specialist programmes including special needs camp counsellors, general camp counsellors, Christian camp counselors, lifeguards, Resort America and all types of specialist camp counselors such as arts & crafts teachers, drama tutors and sports coaches.


We like to think of Campower as the well oiled machine that runs American Summer Camps. To work in our Campower teams on summer camps in the USA, it’s more important to be a team player and an outgoing positive person, than to have experience working in catering, administration or in maintenance. There are visa restrictions to apply for this position though: you must be a full time post-secondary student.

All Camp America applications for summer camp jobs through the Camp America programme must be complete via our online system:

Online application

By visiting our ‘Apply Online Section’ in our main website you can take the first step towards securing a summer camp job and experiencing an amazing summer. Here you can fill out your summer camp job application form, select your local interviewer and pay your application fee - all done easily online.

A Camp America Event

During January and February, our Summer Camp Directors attend our Recruitment Fairs across the UK. They can then conduct personal interviews with applicants who wish to work on their summer camps. This is your opportunity to make an immediate impression, and show Camp Directors exactly why they should employ you. If you are successfully recruited, you can find out there and then information about where you will be working during your summer camp job in the USA.

Throughout the year we also hold Interview Days in the UK for summer camp jobs in the USA. This is an easy way to organise your interview, fill out your application and just show up at the venue. If you’re a little bit hesitant and would like more information, come along to one of our Roadshows. Here you’ll here stories from past participants and find out the full process with our summer camp jobs programme. See our main website for an upcoming Camp America event in your area.

Attending your Local Interview

Camp America has an extensive network of interviewers across the world who can be contacted easily and directly. We think that this personal interview is very important, as it provides you with the opportunity not only to impress us with your talents and personality, but also for you to be able to discuss the summer camp programme face to face.

When you apply, you will need to fill out application forms, and put together some straightforward but important paperwork. On our website (select your country to the left) click the apply online button, which will give you some more information about what we are looking for and the relevant application forms. Once you have had your interview, and filled out all the forms, each application goes through the same process:

  • Your summer camp job application is reviewed by your local application office before it is sent on to our U.S. office. Here, Camp Directors will have the chance to view the form and offer you a job at our affiliated summer camps!
  • This process is costly – that’s why we ask you to show your commitment to the programme by asking you for your application fee when you apply. (Participants from certain countries are required to pay an additional application/placement fee.) If you cancel from the programme for any reason other than medical, your application fee is forfeit.
  • Once we find you a summer camp job placement we will notify you right away. At this time we ask you to make your assessment fee, which includes your Medical Insurance.
  • The next step is arranging your J-1 visa which we help you to do. You are required to attend an interview at the American Embassy in your home country.
  • Finally we provide you with your flight details – now all that’s left for you to do is pack your bags and turn up at the airport ready for the summer of a lifetime!

We recommend that you apply to work at one of our summer camp as soon as possible. This way there will plenty of spaces that you will be able to fill, as well as giving you time to make all the arrangements for your summer trip, such as your visa and insurance. And by applying early, you’ll also save money.

Camp America will help you at every stage of the application. We have made the process as simple as possible, but there are staff on hand to help you. Remember, the application forms are your chance to sell yourself to the Summer Camps that are recruiting staff. Write neatly, be honest and make sure that you include (briefly!) as much information as possible that could help you find a summer camp job that’s perfect for you.

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