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Whatever your skills or special talents, there's a place for you to use them on summer camp! There are four different positions available and each one offers the chance to get involved...

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American summer camps provide a unique experience. Although there are thousands of different camps from which to choose, Camp America can guarantee that [image1] each one we work with offers you the summer of a lifetime!

American summer camps are an integral part of American culture - experienced down generations, and across different backgrounds and cultures. They offer a safe haven and an escape from the outside world to a place where both children and adults are able to fulfill hidden potential and discover new horizons. Separated from bustling cities, summer camps in the USA are places of tranquility. They are always surrounded by countryside, often by a lake, and offer endless opportunities to both campers and staff.

Whatever summer jobs you take on at summer camps in the USA, you will find yourself developing as a person, building relationships with both campers and staff, and becoming friends with those you might never have expected.

Camp America gives you the chance to experience an amazing summer. Camps in the USA number over 12,000 – and all are hugely varied in theme. Whichever you choose, you are bound to find summer jobs at a camp that suit your skills, interests and personality.

A selection of USA Summer Camps that Camp America works with is:

Privately/Independently owned

These American summer camps are owned by an individual or family, where the camp is their livelihood and their business. These camps tend to attract children from wealthier families and so they tend to have extensive facilities. Campers can stay for up to eight weeks, allowing you to form close friendships with those under your supervision.

Agency / Not for profit

These USA summer camps are owned by an agency such as the YMCA or Boys and Girls Clubs. The camps are charity funded and have a real sense of community spirit. Campers usually stay for one to two weeks, so you will meet lots of different people over the nine weeks!

Speciality Sports

Camp America caters for all sorts of sporting fields. So whether your interests lie in archery, rock-climbing, football or even water sports, summer jobs as a camp counsellor are so varied that you’ll be able to find the activities that are ideal for you!

The large variety of summer camps in the USA with which we work are always on the look out for qualified instructors, athletes or even those who feel that their knowledge in a particular sporting field is good enough to pass on to enthusiastic campers. Take this opportunity to develop a career path through your summer job. Many of our counsellors have gone on to be coaches or instructors in a variety of fields. If you have experience in a particular discipline and would like to share your skill with others, then why not apply now for a summer job teaching sport at an American summer camp. You’ll spend a fantastic summer outdoors doing what you love most!

Special Needs

As the name suggests, we work with American summer camps that cater for those with special needs. These camps are the same as any other but have facilities to help those with disabilities. Whilst working with special needs campers may be viewed as a little bit daunting, this is a summer job with amazing rewards.

No prior background in palliative care is necessary for these type of summer jobs and this is a fantastic opportunity to lend your skills and knowledge to those who may be a little less fortunate than yourselves. At special needs summer camps in the USA, we guarantee that you'll learn more about yourself and others than you can possibly imagine.

Religious Summer Camps

The USA has a large variety of religious American summer camps, in particular camps with a Christian or Jewish orientation. Some of these camps have a religious emphasis that requires staff to have a personal religious commitment. However, some do not necessarily require you to be of the faith, but ask that you be respectful of those who are. This can be seen as an exciting opportunity to pass on your knowledge or learn more about your chosen religion.

Disadvantaged/Inner city Summer Camps

These summer camps in the USA cater for people from an urban, low income, homeless or difficult background. The children who attend these camps like any other of our campers truly appreciate all the amenities available and enjoy the experience to the full. Summer jobs at these camps are rewarding beyond measure: imagine teaching a child how to horse ride when they have never seen a horse before or teaching a child to swim when they have never before been in the water! The smiles are amazing and the rewards are endless.

Learning Disabled

These camps are exactly the same as mainstream camps but cater for campers with learning difficulties. Campers can have conditions such as attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity or dyslexia. Often these children have never been in an environment where a group of three to ten children have the attention of one adult. The change in these children from the beginning of camp to the end can be amazing. With your time and guidance you can make a difference to these children’s' lives - whilst embarking on your own American summer camp adventure!

Girl Scouts

These USA summer camps are for Girl Scouts and they are always situated in areas of outstanding natural beauty where you will be camping in rustic conditions. Emphasis is placed on the great outdoors and this will be reflected in the programming and philosophy of the camp as endorsed by Camp America.

Day camps

The vast majority of American summer camps we work with are sleep-away camps where children stay away from home. However, some camps cater for children during the day but they then return home in the evening.

Whichever type of American summer camp you are placed at and whatever part of the USA it is in, we're sure you will have a great time, so leave it up to us to pick the perfect camp for you! To find out more about how to get challenging and rewarding summer jobs on summer camps in the USA, just enter our main Camp America website by selecting your country of origin from the dropdown box in the left column of this page.

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