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Flag and Shenanigans

12:32 AM , 2-Jul-2013 | 0 comments | Link So i'm in week three of Camp which means this is my 5th week of being at Camp im still finding it incredibly hot here despite being mild because of all the rain! but im sitting here writing this with a cup of tea in my travel mug and my iPad to the side! This week i have the youngest kids at camp that are in Junior Boys they all seem to be doing well although its only the first day! when there settled is when things start to happen! but on opening day we have international flag ceremony where we raise all the flags from where we are from now in the previous week we have had the union flag and the Scottish flag but why not the English? They didnt realise that Scotland was part of the UK so was represented in the union flag pfft so this week we got both! we had the Union flag at the top flag pole and the England flag at the bottom after shouting out the country we were from we all ran to the bottom and shouted England again which confused a lot of staff and Campers alike haha! Afterwards we had opening camp fire where we performed Boom chicka Boom which went down well as its a repeat after me song so everyone can get involved! Days off are a bit odd here currently it is only Me and an Australian guy i met off so we borrowed peanut an American counselors car and wandered around Walmart and Charlottesville which was alright but i would have liked a few others there as well! but being at camp on your day off all the kids still come up to you and ask you things its like they hone in on the fact you're not working and go out of their way to find you! but its nice there a good bunch this week! well I'm going to go enjoy a nice walk to the Golf course while im still off ohhh P.S. i Just saw a 3-4 ft long snake outside one of my cabins good thing it was only a ratsnake!
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