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The Naivety and Foolishness of a Student

10:20 PM , 2-Dec-2012 | 0 comments | Link I found myself in a bit of a crisis this week but thankfully it's now been amended. Woke up yesterday morning to find myself without any advent calendar to open. Serious problem. So this misdemeanour was quickly made known to everyone who would listen to me. Specifically my parents. Despite my best intentions to show them that I am becoming a mature, independent young student this didn't stop my continuous appeals to their better nature to get me an advent calendar. Childish and spoilt I know, but totally worth it. Said calendar was presented that evening much to my delight and much to my parents' despair at my childishness. So I'm now officially counting down to Christmas as well as camp. Sadly I don't have any calendar for camp but it would be pretty awesome to get a Hershey's Kiss or some kind of American candy every day until June. During my own failed ventures to find an advent calendar this week I did happen across what can only be described as a treasure trove shop of American candy - City Picnic (just off Royal Avenue in Belfast if you're interested). I'd heard of this great place thanks to the CA Twitter (CampAmerica69 - go follow it) and the photo Nicky and Katy from the London office had put up, when they'd come over for a wee jaunt to Northern Ireland, but actually finding it really was quite momentous. This discovery came about due to my own stupid decision to accompany my friend into the city centre, under the naive belief she was only "looking for one thing". In fairness, my own foolishness warranted what I was then put through, but safe to say I have learnt my lesson. After multiple shops and awkwardly waiting around for my friend to try things on (as a side note, why are all changing rooms in women's shops right beside the lingerie??!! I think it's a deliberate ploy by women to make men feel awkward while they wait) and then being asked for my own critical opinion, the "one thing" was finally located. Said item was purchased, quickly followed by my own swift departure, leaving my friend to make her own leisurely way out of the shop, browsing along the way. So after putting distance between ourselves and any sort of dress selling shop as fast as humanly possible, before she could change her mind, we ended up walking past City Picnic. Although I had been aware of its existence beforehand, my exclamation of, "CITY PICNIC!!" did, however shock my friend and the old woman who just so happened to be walking past me at the time. But my happiness eclipsed any embarrassment I may have felt at the time, so we duly entered what was now Utopia in my opinion. What greeted us was shelf upon shelf of everything from Hershey's, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Cow Tails, Pop Tarts and 3 Musketeers. I won't explain what any of these are, just recommend that you try all of them when you get to the States. Even cereal was included oddly enough. All at extortionist prices of course. My pointing out this did attract an angry look from one of the store attendants so we quickly left. But I'll definitely be making multiple return visits for some genuine American candy, hopefully without startling any OAPs and definitely without succumbing to any stupid belief that a girl is telling the truth when she says, "I know exactly what I'm looking for and where it is."
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