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Oppa Hogwarts Style!!

11:13 PM , 18-Nov-2012 | 1 comments | Link As a forewarning, there'll be a distinct Harry Potter theme in this entry - hence the cringe worthy title and I've just heard Gangnam style - so if you're not Potter inclined feel free to not read on. But hopefully it'll give you a bit of insight into camp life anyways. So I'm starting to get over my previous withdrawal of not being in the States. Keeping yourself busy and all that but I'm still pretty 'longful' of America. But there has been an exciting development!! I've found out that I'm going back to camp 2 weeks ago but now it's officially confirmed that I'm going back with two friends from camp!! So it's the Three Amigos again. The 3 Musketeers. Harry, Ron and Hermione. Simba, Timone and Pumba. Whatever kind of trio analogy you prefer. Anyways, camp life insight time!! During my third week at camp, so pretty early on, I ended being assigned to one of the drama teaching groups with some of the other staff. Now my acting skills are pretty thin on the ground and I'm certainly no Sir Michael Caine when it comes to smooth performances but we just got on with it!! So we decided we should show the kids that you had to be dramatic and come out of your shell when you're doing drama so you can enjoy yourself - simple enough task. Except that kids are very excitable. When kids see their counsellors jumping on a stage with twigs they've picked up from the ground, starting to have a Harry Potter wizard duel and shouting Expelliarmus all over the show, they think it's a great idea to start doing the same. Not our cleverest collective staff idea but it certainly got our point across. So the kids started enjoying drama and really got into it. But the Harry Potter wizard duels stuck. Over the course of the summer, it became a pretty common site to see counsellors and other staff members bellowing spells across camp at each other and to see people diving to the floor so they wouldn't get Avada Kedavra-ed. Weird but it certainly made the kids love you more. And then, because you're an international staff member, they'll believe you if you say you go to Hogwarts (honestly the campers believe anything), which makes them love you even more. Great way to get them to obey you!! Hopefully that's given you some insight into camp life. You'll have to do really daft things but the kids love you for it and it is pretty fun in all honesty. A "pirate" threw me into the lake for the kids' entertainment once!! But it's not all hard work!! You do have great craic with the other staff members and days off are hilarious!! But more of that at some later point. For now, I've got three assignments awaiting me. Hope everyones' applications are going brilliantly, you're circulating or you've been placed!!
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1:45 AM , 1-Dec-2012 | Posted by louise3337
Your story sounded great, I could totally picture all of this taking place. Drama is my strong point and I am currently circling so hopefully if I get placed I can take a leaf out your book and do something creative to play on the fact I have an English accent. Funny stuff!

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