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The Perks Of Being A CA Applicant

Bungee jumping intentions among other musings

11:03 AM , 7-Nov-2012 | 0 comments | Link So I'm writing my first Camp America blog after having the best summer of my life but oddly I'm not sure what to write about. Can't say I expected to hit Writer's Block this early on when I've done nothing but go on about Camp America to my friends since I got home, to the point they're ready to kill me, but I'm sure I'll manage to go on about something. And yes, the name of my blog is kind of taken from a line from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, although, it's only because I just saw the movie (which is incidentally very good) and couldn't come up with an original name of my own. I suppose a major talking point is the fact I'm no longer circulating, so I'm officially going back to camp next year!! I genuinely do feel for everyone who's still circulating!! It's hateful!! Now simply to find the monies to pay for another summer, alas, the problems of being a poor student. Although, I'm sure the good old student loan could cover it. But the downside is that now I have a whole lot of months to kill until I get to go back to America!! So, top priority now is to find a way to entertain myself until June time. Suggestions are welcome but so far I've thought of skydiving and helping out at Camp America events, which gives me some small dosage of American-ness. How sweet would it be if you could be a skydiving trainer at camp??!! The skydiving idea came from some sort of bungee jump-esque thing my friend and I discovered over the summer (if you're interested YouTube "Skycoaster Darien Lake"). Great craic!! And we've found an actual bungee jump in Florida for next summer, so that's definitely on the agenda for post-camp travel. The attempts to try and avoid reminiscing about camp have just been shattered: Dodgeball's just come on TV. Seriously one of the best games we ever got to play at camp. Particularly when it was Staff v Campers Dodgeball. Actually, the first time we ever played it, I ended up hitting a camper in the face. Not sure whether this means my aim is incredible or pretty poor but certainly wasn't one of my stronger points as a counsellor. It did make for a great story to tell when I got home though. Well, kind of running out of stuff to write about now, unless I give a blow-by-blow account of the summer but that's maybe for another time, and I'm starting to get pretty waffly. Anyways, there's a serious cup of tea beckoning now, but suggestions are definitely welcome for how to distract myself from thinking about camp for the next clatter of months!! Hope everyone's applications at going great and if you're still ummming and ahhhing about doing Camp America... DO IT!!!
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