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My Texas Summer Dream

9 1/2 days till camp

Posted on 19-May-2011 | 0 comments | Link

things are seeming more real and im getting more excited....


finally decded on my camp name which is "chips" its my favourite food and in America means crisps which is also my favourite so its a win win lol..... i fly out in like 10 days but my journey starts a week tomorrow, this is when im heading to the airport hotel. i still have loads to do but hey i have like a week.....

have a good Summer Everyone who may read me babbling on :D its going to be imense

DIY or Fixed

Posted on 10-Apr-2011 | 0 comments | Link well i really cant decide what to do, should i go for the DIY flight as my camp is in Texas, or should i go for the free fixed flight or DIY from NYC as this will cos me like 100 and from Dallas its coating me 185 and i do want to head out to NYC so im really confused...... apart from that all is going well with camp now, spoke to some people who went last year which is cool. and one of them is going back.... BONUS... though last year they only had one person from the uk... so now im more anxious than anything

Countdown time

Posted on 16-Feb-2011 | 0 comments | 0 trackbacks | Link

now even more excited

Posted on 9-Feb-2011 | 0 comments | Link

hey, not written anything possitive recently :D

though now

 i have found someone who is also goint to a girl scout camp in north east Texas ,


Sadly its not the one im going to but it has made me more excited, as i no they are still employing people for the summer, this makes me happy :D

i really cant wait to get there now, i am still unsure what to expect whilst paying trips to 3 different camps over the summer, this will be epic..


im still waiting on my flight confirmation which is making me worry but on the plus side i ordered my CA hoody about a week ago....


ah well gtg get more excited about what my camp life will be like in Texas, as this is their first year employing people through Camp America Woop Woop





Placed but still waiting

Posted on 9-Jan-2011 | 0 comments | Link well i been placed a while now, but i think that's more frustrating that not knowing, as im now waiting for details about when ill be flying where im flying too and everything about the camp... i dont like this waiting game.. its sooo frustrating


Posted on 16-Dec-2010 | 2 comments | Link Wow well im like soo excited i got placed today..... wow yeah they also want me to do the red cross lifeguard certificate as well... which is amazing... Not only that but i also get to experience 3 different camps as they want their staff to travel between them all... i get to go to a day camp a week long camp and one in a tent... wooo amazing right?? im soo excited i really cant wait to go now... its like sooo Exciting


Posted on 8-Dec-2010 | 1 comments | Link well im excited now as i got an email yesterday from a girl scouts camp in texas who are considering me for a place and want to talk with me though i not sure what to expect but very very excited

Now its just a waiting game

Posted on 9-Nov-2010 | 0 comments | Link Well were all finally in the zone now... which is good, though im so impatient and bored of playing the waiting game, i just want to get placed, and knw for sure im going to camp in the summer,.......