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Camp Sun N' Fun

All people, regardless of ability level, deserve the right to opportunities around them. Individuals with developmental disabilities are no different and should be offered the same camp experience to that of typical children. At Camp Sun ‘N Fun, a non-profit, day and residential camp for children and adults with special needs, campers are offered this and more. Camp Sun ‘N Fun provides opportunities to improve self-esteem, develop new skills, and make lasting friendships all within a safe and supportive environment. This is accomplished by planning challenging and fun activities such as; game shows, arts & crafts, swimming events, parties, carnivals, music, casino nights, nature appreciation, sports and games, plays, karaoke, performing arts, talent shows, photography, music videos, hikes, newspaper making, dances, campfires and much more!

State: New Jersey

Arrival Date Range: June 21st

Age Range: 18+

Camp Type: Special Needs

Counselor Skills: Desire to work with the special needs population. Experience is a plus, interesting talents and hobbies a plus, self-starter, good initiative, cooperative, good sense of teamwork, follows direction

Campower Skills: Janitorial, Groundskeeping, Dishwashing, Laundry, Food Prep, Hard-working

Website: www.thearcgloucester.org

Email: camp@thearcgloucester.org

Number of Sessions: 6

Number of Campers: 45

Number of Staff: 45

Number of International Staff: 30

Time off Policy: 1 day off per week, 3 hours off per day

Staff Housing: Cabins with campers

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